The Xbox, a USB drive, and homeschooling.

homeschooling with technology

We got an Xbox for Christmas last year (as in 2010). We got the Kinect version and we used it for PE last winter. Then one day it quit working. We procrastinated on getting it fixed only to discover shortly before Christmas this year that it was only the cord that needed replacing, which The Source happily did for free.

All that to say, we are happy to have the Xbox back to burn off that extra energy from being stuck inside during the colder weather. While we have missed it for doing active games on the Kinect, we have also found a new use for it to.

We have cable (please don’t boo me out of town) and with that cable comes a few (okay tons, way too many) all music channels. There were two that played Christmas music. ALL different kinds of Christmas music. One day, while I was listening to this music, my husband had an idea.

He took a USB drive and loaded it with beautiful, worshipful, Christmas music. Then, he plugged that little USB drive into the front of the Xbox. So now we can load up the USB drive with all of our music and play it on the Xbox.

There are some benefits to using the USB drive with the Xbox:

  1. We can put our favorite songs, from several CD’s, or different places on there. And in the order that we want.
  2. Our CD’s will be protected from getting scratched. If you have kids, you know what I am talking about here. 
  3. We could put all of our audio for the day onto the USB (like scripture readings, worship songs, narrations, audio books, etc) and play through as needed. I am really liking this idea.

And as if we needed them, here are more ways we can use the xbox in our homeschool: 

  1. as a reward for getting all of your school work done.
  2. to listen to CD’s. The ones that we don’t mind getting scratched.
  3. to watch our science or math dvd’s.
  4. to play Kinect games – Kinect Adventures, Joyride, and Kinect Sports.
  5. to watch Netflix (with a subscription), but only with an xbox Live Membership – this is a big fail for us because the Wii and the Playstation Move allow you to watch netflix without a special membership (but still with a netflix subscription). That information was accurate the last time I checked. 
  6. to view YouTube videos (only with an xbox subscription) – including the memory verse animations that my husband and I are creating.
  7. Coming soon will be Skype (with an Xbox subscription) – which will be great to chat with family that lives far away.

Do you have the Xbox, a Wii, or a Playstation Move? How does your family use it?