5 Awesome Places To Get Fun Writing Paper

My kids are much more amicable to do their printing or creative writing if I provide some fun writing pages for them to print on. I went on a search recently to see what I could see. Here are a few of the fun pages I found: Free Printable Writing Paper Shape Books Printable Stationary … Read more

8 Blogging Goals For January 2010

I can’t bring myself to make goals for the whole year, so I am setting my goals for January 2010. 1. Write at least one blog post every day. I want to write at least one blog post every day. These blog posts will include a combination of creative writing pieces, reviews, updates, kid funnies, … Read more

Can I Hear Silence?

The sky outside is missing its sun. The day is over and it has had its fun. The children are all cozy, in their comfy beds. The gurgling fish tank whispers loudly from the kitchen. The clock ticking can actually be heard. The melodic dripping of water drowns out my thoughts. The traffic outside fills … Read more