Worship To Start Your Day


Worship To Start Your Day

One of my favorite ways to start my day is to put on some worship music, and just ease into the morning, while sipping my coffee. When I was growing up, I had my collection of cassette tapes. You remember what those are, right? I actually found a cassette tape in a box the other day and had quite a discussion with the kids about it. In my late twenties and early married days, I had my collection of CD’s and even those are almost obsolete. Now, we play almost all of our music online or through the computer (think itunes, mp3’s, etc).

I love having worship/Christian music playing, but I often forget which artists I like or where to find their music. It almost makes me want to go back to buying CD’s, to make things less complicated. We listen on YouTube and Spotify, both of which are decent, IF I can remember who I like and how to spell their names. I thought I would write a go to list. If you have not noticed by now, I like lists. Check out these artists and let me know of any awesome ones that I forgot.

  1. Kim Walker
  2. Chris Quilala
  3. Matt Maher
  4. Jason Upton
  5. Chris Tomlin
  6. Chelsea Moon
  7. Jeremy Camp
  8. Casting Crowns
  9. Kari Jobe
  10. Colton Dixon
  11. Josh Wilson
  12. Third Day
  13. Dez Childs
  14. Brandon Heath
  15. Sanctus Real
  16. Steven Curtis Chapman

Other Alternative Music listening services: https://www.comparitech.com/blog/vpn-privacy/grooveshark-limewire-alternatives/

I know that this list is not exhaustive and I will likely add to it over time, but it gives me a landing place. I would love it if you left me links to your favorite Christian artists in the comments.

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