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Workboxes – Large Family Style


I have not done a workbox post for a very long time. Too long. We are easing in to a new way of doing workboxes and I have not figured it all out yet. What I can tell you is that the kids have crates now. The bottom shelf is missing from the picture above (it contains my mama crate and Zion’s crate).

Right now the crates are acting as a storage bin for each child’s work, but I want them to be so much more. I am scouring through the Workbox Blogroll to see the ways other mamas are modifying their systems to work for them, hoping for something to truly inspire me.

Workbox Blogroll

Here are some mamas who used crates for the workboxes system at least at some point (and some may still be using them):

I am not married to the crates, but I have them and I would like to give them a good try because they fit our space (aka lack of space) nicely. Now that we have taken a little break from the Workbox System and rearranged our main working room a million times, I am ready to revisit workboxes with our family.


I am really excited.

What are you using for your workboxes?
What are you putting in your workboxes?
How are you using workboxes with your special needs children?

Workboxes: Major Upgrades

Yesterday I did a major upgrade to the Workbox Blogroll. The upgrade is not quite finished, but you will notice lots of changes if you hop on over and visit it. I added link buttons or header graphics for every entry that I could find them for. I am working through linking all the graphics (I should have done this as I added the graphics, ugh). I updated links. I added tons of new links.  I am also working through adding twitter links for everyone that has a twitter. I would like to include a short write up for each blog, but that will come later (not today).

If you are not listed on the Workbox Blogroll and you would like to be, just leave a comment here.

What do you think of all the changes?

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