Recognizing Bad Habits


I can’t be the only one with bad habits. I can’t be the only one that ignores them and just keeps going on my merry way. I’m just saying.

Recognizing Bad Habits

  • starting my day with 2 cups of strong coffee
  • not eating breakfast
  • sometimes skipping lunch
  • not drinking enough water
  • going too long between meals without eating
  • drinking cola as an afternoon “keep me awake”
  • drinking 1-2 more cups of strong coffee with dinner
  • eating a late night bedtime snack
  • drinking cola (I think I like the straw, ice, and carbonation)
  • ketchup flavoured potato ships (I think I crave the salt)
  • Wendy’s Baconator (I think I crave the red meat and fat)

I love dark chocolate once or twice a week too, but I realized that the kind I like is not really a bad habit. I just need to use it properly and in the right combinations with the rest of my food.

Writing this list makes me realize that I don’t eat a lot of food, but I live on caffeine and do most of my eating at night. I am excited to change my bad food habits with Trim Healthy Mama.

Do you have bad food habits too?

Something Clicked


I am still reading.

I wish I could read it faster, but there is so much information to digest in there.

I am so glad that I went ahead and purchased the PDF book because my Christianbook.com order arrived yesterday and apparently Trim Healthy Mama is backordered and was not available (so it did not come). It won’t be available until March (insert tears here).

I have made it to page 110 so far. That’s chapter 11. When they first started talking about the S meals and E meals my brain started working overtime to fully understand, but then something clicked.

Something Clicked

It is so simple and it makes so much sense. I have much experience with reading food labels and identifying carbs, so I may be ahead of the game, but it really is simple. With S meals you get your fuel from fat, so you have to keep your carbs super low. With your E meals you get your fuel from carbs, so you keep your fats super low. Alternating between the types of meals is what keeps your body burning fat. Remembering those two things will be the key to being successful.

As I was reading, I realized that the only piece of information I need to fully grasp right now is what the S and E meals are and how to use them. Since I need to focus on losing weight, I don’t need to know about S Helpers or Crossovers or Fuel Pulls right now. If weight-loss is slow or I hit any rough spots, my next step will be to learn about Fuel Pulls.

I don’t need to know or remember everything. What a relief that is.

PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT a medical expert. I am a mom sharing my thoughts after reading Trim Healthy Mama

Trim Healthy Mama


I ordered a print copy of Trim Healthy Mama from Christianbook.com! It should arrive early next week. I got so excited about the possibility of change (while writing this post) that I went and purchased a PDF copy too, so I can get started reading right away.

Okay, are you ready?

So, let’s be honest. I am overweight. Very overweight. I know that. The last time I started to work on my weight and was actually making some progress, I got pregnant with twins (they will turn 6 this year).

Instead of continuing to work on my weight during their pregnancy and onwards, I stopped. I don’t know why I stopped, but I did. The next few years were spent recovering from c-section, navigating breastfeeding twins, homeschooling, tending our home business, and managing life.

And then my body decided it was going to start falling apart. I had Strep for 3 months and it just would not leave. Then I had a knee injury (which has taken over 2.5 years to recover from). Then I got Shingles, had a bought of Mononucleosis, and then Shingles turned into postherpetic neuralgia and become an ongoing nightmare. On top of all of those things from the past few years, we spent most of the past year (2013) investigating  painful lumps in my neck (in and around my right ear) and have yet to find any answers. I kicked this year off with a cold/cough/flu that started right after Christmas and is still going strong (some days are better than others). My immune system is definitely working at a diminished capacity right now.

I know what has always worked for me in the past (low carb), but doing anything more than getting through each day feels like too much. We also have a house full of food related issues and navigating them is stressful at best. Hosanna (5) is allergic to dairy, eggs, and peanuts. Moses (12) is allergic to mushrooms, cheese, and shellfish. Jonah (hubby) is allergic to salmon and raw eggs. Elisha (13) strongly dislikes onions, tomatoes, most chicken, most beef, most pork, and other random things on any given day. I do best on low carb, I don’t have any major food likes or dislikes, except beans. Beans don’t like me; they give me an upset tummy.

I have felt this nudging, tugging in me to try something, anything, to see if I can shake some of these health issues that have been plaguing me for the past few years.

First, I was intrigued by the Daniel Plan and purchased it. It is sitting waiting to be read (and I will read it).

Then I found Trim Healthy Mama. Several friends were talking about it. It kept popping up in my facebook stream. It kept showing up on my Pinterest. Finally a friend had an extensive conversation about it in a Facebook Group I am on. I went straightaway to Christianbook.com and purchased a copy for myself. I could stand it no longer, I had to see what all the fuss was about.

I have joined every Facebook Group (Trim Healthy Mamas, Allergen Free Trim Healthy Mama, Trim Healthy Mamas Beginners, and Very Fluffy Trim Healthy Mamas), I have a Trim Healthy Mama Pinterest Board, I have identified local and online friends who are doing Trim Healthy Mama and having success (and even read many stories of Mamas who quit because it didn’t work for them) and I am eagerly awaiting my print copy of the book.

But for now, I am off to open my Trim Healthy Mama PDF (the one I purchased when I was halfway through writing this post).  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Just an FYI – There are NO affiliate links in this post. 

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