Tech Tuesday – Introducing The Periodic Table

In our science lesson yesterday we did a short introduction to the periodic table. We had a nice and colorful periodic table in our book and I was able to print one out from here – simple black and white periodic table – for their notebooks.

I thought it would be fun to take a little detour from our book (Our Planet Earth) and visit two sites that will tell us a little more about the periodic table in interesting ways.

And play some games that I made for The Beehive (they are all FREE).

*Bundled : Chemistry Class ~ exploring the elements

  • Chemistry Class
  • Chemistry Class Exploring The Elements
  • Chemistry Class Vocabulary Cards

Chemistry Class Chemistry Class Exploring The Elements Chemistry Class Vocabulary Cards

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Chemistry Class: Vocabulary Cards

I have finally finished the vocabulary cards that go with the game board that I made a few days ago.

These are simple vocabulary cards (with the word and the definition on each card). There are a few suggestions for games.

*update January 5, 2015 – This download is now bundled into our Chemistry Class ~ Exploring the Elements.

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Check out the following post for more information –>

Chemistry Class

Specifically Spelling: On-line Resources

Do you need a spelling program for your child?

I have a few free suggestions for you, to get you started.

Spelling Connections

Spelling Connections has spelling word lists for grade one all the way up to grade eight. For each grade level they have practice pages and homework masters. The practice pages include the word lists and the homework masters are worksheets to help learn the words. You could also add the word lists into Spelling City and play games on-line for more practice (read more about Spelling City below).

Spelling Resources

This web page has a  full year of first grade spelling words. It includes the word lists, a printable spelling practice ideas sheet, a couple of download sheets, and some printable spelling word lists. You could also enter these spelling words into Spelling City for even more practice (read more about Spelling City below).

Spelling City

We love Spelling City. This awesome website makes the prep work for spelling almost non-existent. You enter your spelling words, print penmanship pages, take pre-tests, have the computer teach you the words, play games, print out worksheets, and take tests. All of this can be done with your own spelling list. Spelling City is very easy to use and the words are very easy to enter.

What do you use for spelling?

I would be interested in hearing about other resources that you have found on-line.

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