KidLinks is a part of Sunflower Schoolhouse.

In general, the updates will include new websites added, new sections added, and any major changes to the site. As always, leave any ideas or recommendations in the comments section.

Here are the updates to KidLinks today:

  1. I added the new header to the site and we changed the theme.
  2. I moved the parents button from the bottom of the sidebar to the top (for easier access).
  3. We moved the sidebar from the right to the left.
  4. I added several new sites to the Prek-1st page.
  5. I added screen shots as link buttons to everything on the Prek-1st page. I plan to do this to every other page as I have time.

We still have a few more tweaks to make and the layout should be all finished and stay the same for awhile. It is on my schedule to work on KidLinks every Thursday (unless I have extra time during the week). Until next week… What do you think of the new look?

Kid Links: Updated

I added notes to all of the Kid Links in the Preschool, Kindergarten, and First Grade Section.

I realize now that it will be a huge task adding notes to all of the Kid Links on this page, so please be patient with me.

Recently, I added new headers to each section. I wanted something graphical and fun, but for now these will have to do (I am working on the graphical and fun ones, but it will take some time).

Please note that I may have to make each section of this page into its own page as the Kid Links page is huge now. I am not sure when this change will happen, but thought I would give you a heads up in case you come and things look all weird to you.

Do you have any links that would be great for the Kid Links page? I would love it if you would leave me a comment.

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