KidLinks is a part of Sunflower Schoolhouse. In general, the updates will include new websites added, new sections added, and any major changes to the site. As always, leave any ideas or recommendations in the comments section. Here are the updates to KidLinks today: I added the new header to the site and we changed … Read more

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Kid Links: Updated

I added notes to all of the Kid Links in the Preschool, Kindergarten, and First Grade Section. I realize now that it will be a huge task adding notes to all of the Kid Links on this page, so please be patient with me. Recently, I added new headers to each section. I wanted something … Read more

8 Blogging Goals For January 2010

I can’t bring myself to make goals for the whole year, so I am setting my goals for January 2010. 1. Write at least one blog post every day. I want to write at least one blog post every day. These blog posts will include a combination of creative writing pieces, reviews, updates, kid funnies, … Read more

Kid Links Updated

I updated the Preschool, Kindergarten, First Grade section of the Kid Links this afternoon. Malachi (6) has been asking for more links to this section for a while now, so I took a few moments and added some fun links. More to come here soon.