Potty Training Twins

Potty Training Twins is just another way for God to work out patience and long-suffering in parents. One twin wants to pee on the potty and is doing so quite happily. The other… well, that is a whole different story. Patience and lots of grace. New underwear, new potty chair, smarties, and a little bit of musical motivation. This is what is playing at our house today. A lovely follow up to yesterday’s worship music post. Super Duper Pooper Blue’s Clues Toilet Song Bear In The Big Blue House Potty Chair Song I do not suppose to have any potty …

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Sleep Of The Mama

This was written some night last week. No, I don’t remember the date, but I could check the email I sent myself from the iPad if you really want to know. On with the story… With my head on my pillow and my eyes closed tight, I try desperately to find sleep. On one side of me is my snoring husband enjoying his slumber and on the other is Zion, whimpering and whining because his cough is making him feel yucky. Hosanna is sandwiched between my husband and I, sprawled all over the bed, and her one desire is to …

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Tree, Lights, Action

So, we got this huge tree from freecycle. The owner was moving into a nursing home and we received his meticulously cared for Christmas tree. When I say meticulous, I mean, the branches were color coded and it was packed in layers of newspaper. We got the tree, but we already had the boy. If truth be told, we already have four boys and one girl, but that is another story. That is my Zion in that picture. He looks so tiny, but the tree is really huge. The tree came with a bucket of lights (indoor and outdoor) and a …

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A Peek Into Our Life

Whirlwind days start at the crack of dawn. I nurse the twins and then crawl back under the covers hoping for a few more minutes of sleep. The big kids sneak downstairs to watch tv until the little people (the two 3 year olds) are finally awake. They drag daddy out of bed and he starts coffee and makes breakfast while I try to wake up. Usually it is the coffee that calls me out of bed, sometimes it is a cranky 11 year old with autism in a funk (that was this morning). I am longing for the night …

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Funky Photos

I was so excited to discover that my photo had won the L.E.N.S. Photo Challenge – The Eyes Have It. You can see my post here. You can also see my photo mentioned here on Home Is Where You Start From. I thought you might like to see some more of our fun “coke bottle glasses” photo shoot.

More Birthday Pictures

It has been so fun walking down memory lane and looking at pictures of the last two years. I cannot believe how much everyone has grown and changed. Elisha reading to Hosanna. Moses and the twins. Malachi and the twins. The best way to take a photo with 5 kids. What are you looking at?

Turning 2 – The Party Continues

More pictures of our adorable babies toddlers. The photo shoot Hosanna cried through (this is Zion). The first beach trip that Zion slept through (this is Hosanna). My favorite outfits on you. The rockers that saved our lives. Random cuteness… More random cuteness… There are more photos coming…

Birthday Celebrations Part 2

And you thought that I would only post one set of pictures for the birthday festivities today! Hosanna, before she learned how to breastfeed. One of my favorite shots of Zion. One of my favorite shots of Hosanna. Hosanna’s first time to the park. Zion’s first time at the park. Where has the time gone?

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