Potty Training Twins

Potty Training Twins

is just another way for God to work out patience and long-suffering in parents. One twin wants to pee on the potty and is doing so quite happily. The other… well, that is a whole different story. Patience and lots of grace.

New underwear, new potty chair, smarties, and a little bit of musical motivation. This is what is playing at our house today. A lovely follow up to yesterday’s worship music post.

Super Duper Pooper

Blue’s Clues Toilet Song

Bear In The Big Blue House Potty Chair Song

I do not suppose to have any potty training wisdom whatsoever, but I would happily take your prayers as we walk through this new challenge. I have done this three times before, but this time is completely new. I would love to glean from your wisdom.

Sleep Of The Mama

This was written some night last week. No, I don’t remember the date, but I could check the email I sent myself from the iPad if you really want to know.

On with the story…

With my head on my pillow and my eyes closed tight, I try desperately to find sleep. On one side of me is my snoring husband enjoying his slumber and on the other is Zion, whimpering and whining because his cough is making him feel yucky. Hosanna is sandwiched between my husband and I, sprawled all over the bed, and her one desire is to have more nummies, but we are trying hard to wean. I try to redirect her back to sleep and it actually works.

My eyes are closed, but my head is full of thoughts. Lists of things to do tomorrow dance in my head. I suppose that I could count the lists instead of sheep? It is my own fault hat I am wide awake. I fell asleep for three hours while nursing the twins to sleep. I was so tired that I totally crashed and now sleep is alluding me.

Tired of trying to sleep, I crept quietly out of the room to find some place uninhabited by sleeping children and typed this on the iPad. The iPad is surprisingly quiet to type with, thankfully. As I found my secret night writing spot, I was greeted by Tizzie needing some late night tummy scratching. I give the kitty some needed attention and she moves on as usual.

Now that this post is out of my head, maybe I will find sleep? (Actually, I went on to draft 6 more posts). How is sleep at your house these days?

Tree, Lights, Action

So, we got this huge tree from freecycle. The owner was moving into a nursing home and we received his meticulously cared for Christmas tree. When I say meticulous, I mean, the branches were color coded and it was packed in layers of newspaper.

We got the tree, but we already had the boy. If truth be told, we already have four boys and one girl, but that is another story. That is my Zion in that picture. He looks so tiny, but the tree is really huge.

The tree came with a bucket of lights (indoor and outdoor) and a bucket of decorations. Pardon the mess and the diaper boy, but I am just thankful I was able to catch the wonder and fun of the next few photos.

Daddy decided that we should test each strand of lights, so we did.

The twins had a grand time.

Don’t let the absence of the big boys fool you, they were there, but they were just too quick for the camera.

Jumping rope with the lights. Joy in the simple things. Oh to be 3 again.

Daddy casually glancing in the box to see how many more strands of lights we have to test, while Zion tries on a new necklace.

See how fast they were moving.

No, this was not a rope light. but that would have been fun too.

Untangling the lights and working together.

Almost finished…

If you look very closely, you will see daddy behind the tree and Hosanna standing behind him and both of them admiring their hard work.

This new tree comes close to the ceiling (which isn’t extraordinarily high to begin with) and is significantly higher than the tree we inherited from my Nana.

We call that tree, from my Nana, the chair tree because my grandpa put the entire Christmas tree on a chair leg base. After Christmas they would just move it, fully decorated, to the basement. I will not get rid of it, but it is too small for us now. On Christmas Eve there will be 15 of us sitting around the Christmas tree. We needed a bit more room for presents and I wanted more room for decorations.

Oh yes, I almost forgot about the decorations. (The tree came with a bucket of decorations, remember).

Well, the day we got the tree, we decided to set it up to see if all the pieces were there. No point keeping a tree if it was missing half of its branches. All the branches were there, by the way. We decided, since the tree was already up, that we would just leave it up.

Since it was only the middle of November, we decided to wait until December 1st to put the decorations on the tree considering we have a new kitten (there is a post coming about her soon too) and we didn’t want her completely attacking the tree before Christmas. Oh, that and the three year old twins we have. Those monkeys took every ornament off the tree and rearranged it several times before we even made it to Christmas, last year.

Anyways, I am thrilled to tell you that we received a huge bucket of beautiful decorations spanning someone’s entire life. Every single ornament in the huge bucket was unique and different. I am so excited about putting them on our tree this year. Don’t worry, I will share about those ornaments later in the week.

Just keeping visiting this week (Monday-Friday) for more Christmas decorating fun.

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