Twins’ Birthday Party

What do you get when you crowd 9 kids and 5 adults into one small living room?

No that wasn't a trick question, that was the twins birthday party 10 days ago. Wow, has it been that long? 

The twins turned 3 on a Friday and we celebrated with cupcakes from the Cupcake Girls. Then on the Saturday we had the big birthday party with all the cousins.


Zion and Hosanna had a blast opening all their gifts. They got gifts from my parents, gifts from their cousins, and gifts from us. The gifts from us included hand made gifts that I purchased from some twitter friends (@TheTadey and @froggygirlsews) who both have Artfire shops. More about that coming in another post (I just need to wrangle up the gifts and take some pictures of them on a day when the camera battery does not need charging).

Here are two photos that I found in my camera from before the batteries conked out (and yes, we did find the charger). 

Hosanna with part of her awesome gift from grandma and grandpa. 
Zion with part of his awesome gift from grandma and grandpa.



We had bear paw burgers, potato chips, lemonade, and coffee. No, the kids did not have coffee. Well, okay the 11 year old drinks coffee, but he has autism and it calms him down so it works for me (better than Ritalin, which is a whole other story). Coffee calms me down too. 

Bithday Cakes

It was loud, it was crazy, organized chaos and that was before we gave them sugar in the form of two chocolate cakes. The cakes I made tasted good, but they didn't turn out exactly how I had pictured in my head. 

Blues Clues Cake

For Zion, I made a Blues Clues paw print cake. This cake was pretty easy to make and I love how it turned out in the end. It was made from one round cake, 3 mini cupcakes and 2 pretend cupcakes cut out of leftover cake. I had made 4 cupcakes, but the top came off one of them, so I had to improvise. I covered the cake and cupcakes with a blue, mint butter cream icing. It was really yummy. Zion loved it. 

Princess Cake

Hosanna's princess cake with the doll in the middle didn't turn out how I wanted it to and I was a bit disappointed, but I had to work with circumstances beyond my control. I made 2 more round cakes for the dress. Between the layers I put leftover mint butter cream icing. I didn't have enough icing sugar left to make the the icing that I wanted to use for the cake.

Jonah had gone out to pick up the gift bags and the birthday cards at the dollar store and he took some of the kids along, including the twins. He was also planning to stop and get bread, icing sugar, and food coloring on the way home.

When he stopped home to drop off the birthday goodies and the bread (from the bread store), he headed right back out to get the icing sugar and food coloring. Jonah was about half way to the store when Hosanna started freaking out wanting nummies (she never does this on a walk). Jonah brought the babes home – I went to nurse both the babes.

The cake sat.

Turns our that I really did need that extra icing sugar, but I tried to fudge (no pun intended) my way through by adding cocoa which made it really thick, so then I added more margarine. Now, I should interject here that my electric beaters are dying and you can smell the burn when they are working hard (oh yeah, and I forgot the mention the loud grinding noise they make). I just wanted to make it through the beating the icing, which thankfully we did. The icing was super rich. It was yummy, but not the cake I had envisioned. The princess cake in my mind was pink and not chocolate. I rolled with the punches and made the best of a situation that I had no control over and couldn't change. And… Hosanna loved the cake. 

The pictures of the cakes are on my mama's camera because the batteries in my camera were dead and we had lost the battery charger. (Can we say frustrating?) I will add more pics to this post as soon as I can.