Table, Chairs, and a Hutch


We went for almost two years without chairs for our eating table. A few chairs came and went during that time, some of them broke because the kids have this incessant desire to rock on them, and others were on their last legs when they got here. We didn’t have the extra money to purchase anything really solid (aka unbreakable) so we did without. Picnic time (okay, not really).

Fast forward to last fall when my Nana went into the hospital and then went into a care home after that, which left my mom and my aunt the task of cleaning out her apartment.  This was not an easy task for them and they learned a lot about the private life of my nana and papa (who passed several years ago).

I was blessed to received many little tidbits from my Nana’s apartment including a Bible, a sewing kit, some special linens, other odds and ends. Can you imagine my excitement when I discovered that I was going to receive her beautiful dining table and chairs and the hutch that goes with them? The table was not as big as the one that we already have, so it is in storage, but now we have chairs for everyone and a hutch to put more stuff in (our place is tiny, so more storage is a good thing).

While I am sad that my Nana is aging and had to move in a home, I am overjoyed that God saw fit to bless us with her wonderful dining room suite (and yes, it is sturdy).

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