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Recognizing Bad Habits

I can’t be the only one with bad habits. I can’t be the only one that ignores them and just keeps going on my merry way. I’m just saying. Recognizing Bad Habits starting my day with 2 cups of strong coffee not eating breakfast sometimes skipping lunch not drinking enough water going too long between meals without eating drinking cola as an afternoon “keep me awake” drinking 1-2 more cups of strong coffee with dinner eating a late night bedtime snack drinking cola (I think I like the straw, ice, and carbonation) ketchup flavoured potato ships (I think I crave the …

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Something Clicked

I am still reading. I wish I could read it faster, but there is so much information to digest in there. I am so glad that I went ahead and purchased the PDF book because my order arrived yesterday and apparently Trim Healthy Mama is backordered and was not available (so it did not come). It won’t be available until March (insert tears here). I have made it to page 110 so far. That’s chapter 11. When they first started talking about the S meals and E meals my brain started working overtime to fully understand, but then something …

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Reading Trim Healthy Mama

Reading Trim Healthy Mama I’m still reading my digital copy of Trim Healthy Mama. I am encouraged and inspired. I need more hours in my day just to read it. So, here I am in bed, at 8pm on a Sunday night, getting ready to read as much as I can before I fall asleep. My goal is to have the majority of the book read by the time we get groceries on the 20th. That gives me a week and a bit to fit in 600 more pages of reading before I need to write a grocery list and …

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First Impressions

  First Impressions My print copy of Trim Healthy Mama is in the mail, but I realized last night that I could purchase a digital copy and read while I am waiting. The thought of only working off a digital copy for highlighting, underling, and scrolling for recipes was why I purchased paper copy (I opted for hardcover), but there was no reason why I could not purchase a digital copy to just “read” and get familiar with the whole concept. I went and purchased the download directly from Trim Healthy Mama (they have a ton of different options). Then …

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Trim Healthy Mama

I ordered a print copy of Trim Healthy Mama from! It should arrive early next week. I got so excited about the possibility of change (while writing this post) that I went and purchased a PDF copy too, so I can get started reading right away. Okay, are you ready? So, let’s be honest. I am overweight. Very overweight. I know that. The last time I started to work on my weight and was actually making some progress, I got pregnant with twins (they will turn 6 this year). Instead of continuing to work on my weight during their …

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