Planting The Garden

Work began this week in our little Urban Sensory Garden.

Jonah (my husband) dug the pathway up and rebuilt the little rock border. He tilled all the dirt and made the garden ready for planting. Our garden is very small. What you see in these pictures is all of the garden. There is about that much space again that is a big slab of cement. On the cement slab (so becoming of a sensory garden) there is a large plastic boat that used to be a sandbox but is now filled with outside toys.

There is also a rabbit hutch that is home to our bunny and our guinea pig. Yes, we know they are not supposed to live together, but such is life. The guinea pig came from a home where he was housed with a bunny and the bunny came from a home where he was housed with a guinea pig. So, they live together and seem to enjoy each other’s company.

Okay, back to the garden…

I sorted through the seeds and put away the ones that won’t be planted this year. I separated the seeds into flowers and vegetables (in hindsight, the kids could have done this). Jonah planted the center area, right in the middle of the rock circle, where the lone flower is. This area will all be flowers. It is the only area that we cannot reach to harvest from, so we need to plant things that don’t need to much work.

The rest of the week has been filled with rain and we have enjoyed the garden from the inside. We hope to get back out again on the first sunny (or even dry) day to do the rest of our planting.

Yes, I do realize that we are very late getting our garden into the ground this year, but the weather has been so cold until now. We are usually still picking beans into late November, so we probably have a fighting chance at getting some produce.

What is growing in your garden?