The Xbox, a USB drive, and homeschooling.

We got an Xbox for Christmas last year (as in 2010). We got the Kinect version and we used it for PE last winter. Then one day it quit working. We procrastinated on getting it fixed only to discover shortly before Christmas this year that it was only the cord that needed replacing, which The Source happily did for free. All that to say, we are happy to have the Xbox back to burn off that extra energy from being stuck inside during the colder weather. While we have missed it for doing active games on the Kinect, we have …

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Grandma Got An iPad

My mama has been asking questions about our iPad since we bought it. The kids have showed her how to use it and she has been quite intrigued by it. For her, it is the perfect size and fairly easy to use. Buying the iPad I was so shocked when we I was chatting with my mama on the phone recently and she told me that she had purchased an iPad. I felt all giddy inside. She went out and bought one all on her own. She was so excited to show it to us. She could hardly wait to …

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