Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

If you look closely at this picture (past my son, covered in mud, who is looking for worms) you will see a rhubarb plant in the background. This plant was purchased for $10 from a lady on Used Victoria. It has been going strong for the past four years, but this year has been its best yield ever. This year we have harvested it at least three times and I am assuming there will be at least two more harvests this summer.

We have been harvesting the rhubarb (and freezing it) while waiting for a chance to purchase some yummy strawberries. It was time to harvest the rhubarb again and strawberries were all over the grocery stores just waiting for us to purchase them (and at a decent price too). Now, I keep wishing that I lived closer to Dawn from 5 Kids and a Dog because she has an abundance of strawberries. You can read about her Strawberry Harvest and More Strawberries.

We were also given a case of pre-made pie crusts (with no egg or dairy too), so I jumped at the chance to make pies. So far we have made four hamburger pies, one big chicken pot pie, two cherry pies, and two strawberry rhubarb pies. The crust dough came in a box that you store in the fridge, they were all rolled out and you just needed to lay them on the pie plate (how easy is that?).

I took this Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Recipe and whipped up the pie filling to use in our pre-made crusts. This was one of the pies before they were baked. Unfortunately, they were all gone before I could get another picture of them.

What is your favorite kind of pie? If you don’t like pie, what is your favorite dessert?