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Play with Words is back!

Each week we will focus on something to do with words (like writing, poetry, spelling, vocabulary, etc). This week, I have some great spelling resources to share with you.

Here are some spelling games to play during the summer to help you keep up with your skills:

  • Scrabble
  • Scrabble Apple
  • Upwords
  • Banana Grams
  • Spill and Spell
  • Vowel Play

Here are some excellent spelling resources that might help you with your planning for next year:

I hope you enjoy these spelling resources. Please share in the comments what you use for your spelling program.

Specifically Spelling: On-line Resources

Do you need a spelling program for your child?

I have a few free suggestions for you, to get you started.

Spelling Connections

Spelling Connections has spelling word lists for grade one all the way up to grade eight. For each grade level they have practice pages and homework masters. The practice pages include the word lists and the homework masters are worksheets to help learn the words. You could also add the word lists into Spelling City and play games on-line for more practice (read more about Spelling City below).

Spelling Resources

This web page has a  full year of first grade spelling words. It includes the word lists, a printable spelling practice ideas sheet, a couple of download sheets, and some printable spelling word lists. You could also enter these spelling words into Spelling City for even more practice (read more about Spelling City below).

Spelling City

We love Spelling City. This awesome website makes the prep work for spelling almost non-existent. You enter your spelling words, print penmanship pages, take pre-tests, have the computer teach you the words, play games, print out worksheets, and take tests. All of this can be done with your own spelling list. Spelling City is very easy to use and the words are very easy to enter.

What do you use for spelling?

I would be interested in hearing about other resources that you have found on-line.

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