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Signed Stories

Signed Stories is a fun website that I think I have mentioned before, but it fits with today’s theme. Signed Stories reads stories to your children. A voice narrates the story while pictures are shown and someone in view on the screen signs the stories. Most of the stories are very quite fun. Signed Stories

Autism Podcast

I found this wonderful website recently that has excellent podcasts filled with autism resources. The site includes a variety of interviews with prominent people in the field such as Dr. Bob Sears, Dr. Paul Law, Dr. Ross Greene, and more. Autism Podcast

Special Needs Resources

Every Friday, I try to have a guest post from a homeschool mom with a special needs child (or children). I wanted to create a place for us to share our stories and encourage each other in this adventure and challenge of raising and educating these children who need more support (and patience). I am always looking for guest posters for Fridays, let me know if you have something to say. Today, I want to shout out to some other mamas who blogging about homeschooling kids with special needs. Living And Learning On The Spectrum – You will find loads of …

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Off To A Rocky Start, But Stronger Now

Today my guest post is from Mama Homer. My husband and I adopted our son shortly before he turned seven years old. In Russia, school doesn’t start until age seven, so he had never had any traditional schooling of any kind. When our son arrived, he did not know one word of English. He also had moderate anxiety issues to the point that if I suggested school time, he would completely shut down, run away, or scream and fight me from the start. In addition, he didn’t trust me as a caregiver. At first we did a lot of reading …

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The Journey In Our Hearts

I would like to introduce my guest poster for today. Her name is Robin. She blogs over at Adventures of Arbor Creek and can also be found on twitter @arborcreek3. When I saw sunflowermommie was looking for writers to feature articles for ADHD Awareness Week, I felt an overwhelming sense of comfort. This is a matter that is near and dear to my heart, and something that is a reality for our family. My husband and I adopted our daughter (who I will refer to as “Bip”) at the age of three. At that time, we were told she had …

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Teaching to Meet His Senses

“He’s like a fart in a frying pan” “A what?!” “A fart in a frying pan… You know, he goes pop! over here, and pop! over there and he’s all over the place, popping up and down. Sit, stand, sit, stand.” “OHHHH! Okay I get it!” This may seem like a rather unorthodox conversation to you, but it is an actual conversation I had with the regular ed kindergarten teacher whose class my then 5 year old special needs son attended for half of his kindergarten day.  I really did get it. And I wasn’t offended. My son is now …

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Indoor Play Place

Our van has not been drivable for most of the last year. The last time we went to the fast food restaurant that houses this indoor play place, the twins were too young and too tiny to play. Elisha slid down the slide with Hosanna and she loved it. Daddy slid down the slide with Zion and he loved it (yes daddy loved it too). I have no idea what Moses was pointing at. Hosanna checking out the floor. It was soft and rubbery which was something new for her. Hosanna attempting to climb. Hosanna is sad that she is …

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