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This week I am writing about speech therapy. I started this series with a post about  Speech Therapy Resources for Malachi. Then I wrote about iPad Apps For Speech Therapy. After that I gathered a list of Printable Resources For Speech Therapy. Then I posted about some great Games And Activities For Speech Therapy. Yesterday I posted a collection of 12 places where you can listen to Stories Online To Support Speech Therapy.

Speech therapy blogs are awesome for information, ideas, and resources. I did a little bit of searching and I found several excellent speech and language related blogs.

And if those links didn’t give you enough reading, check out this link to even more blogs on Mommy’s Speech Therapy.

What speech and language related blogs do you read?

When Speech Hinders Reading – Resources To Check Out

Special Needs

Malachi is our 8 year old. He is still struggling to learn how to read. We have tried all kinds of resources, but I am really starting to think that his speech is part of what is hindering his ability to learn to read. He is starting to pick up on the reading, but he is making very slow progress.

Now it is time to start looking into resources that we can use to create a speech therapy program at home. I started researching and brainstorming and I found a list of products to research and some catalog companies to check out. (there are NO affiliate links here)

Individual Products to research further:

Companies That Sell Speech & Language Products:

Have you used any of these products or companies? What do you think of them? Do you have any other speech therapy products you can recommend to me?

Amy from Raising Arrows shares her experience with Speech Delay Problems in her home and some great steps her family took to make progress.

I also found this wonderful article about Speech Language Therapy and The Homeschooler by Katie who guest posted over at Hip Homeschool Moms.

Special Children over at about.com had an excellent article on different ways to do speech therapy in the home.

Pam did a wonderful guest post at Spell Out Loud answering some basic questions about speech therapy. She gives some wonderful suggestions for mom’s with little ones.

If you have any experience with speech problems and your children, I would love to read your blog posts or hear your stories. Please leave me a note in the comments.

Lapbooking And Special Needs

Special Needs

Way back when we had preschoolers before, we explored lapbooks and had loads of fun. Now that we have preschoolers again, I started exploring lapbooks again recently and decided to give it a try with all the kids. (More on those lapbooks in another post).

I had been wanting to explore things that would be more fun and incorporate the different learning styles of all the kids. I thought the big kids might be ready for notebooking, but there is still too much writing, so I opted to try the lapbooks again.

My kids absorb information from videos, books, and through discussion, but they have a hard time showing what they know. Enter lapbooking. I thought lapbooking would be a great way to include all of the kids at whatever level they are at.

I made it as easy as possible. I cut out the papers. I even wrote on the papers (I figured we could ease into them doing the writing, eventually). All they had to do was discuss and then glue. Wouldn’t you know it, my 11 year old (Elisha – with autism) doesn’t like gluing either? Well, he did it after a bit of prodding.

Note to self, we need:

  • a label maker (because of this post about dysgraphia)
  • more glue dots
  • glue sticks
  • loads of fun and colorful paper

I found this series on Lapbooking With Special Needs Kids that I found particularly inspiring. I encourage you to check it out.

You can Lapbook on a Shoestring as this post suggests by providing a ton of resources.

Lapbooking is:

  • versatile
  • adaptable
  • suitable for multi -age
  • useful for a variety of topics
  • perfect for special needs students
  • good for perfectionists
  • good for creativity
  • good for review
  • can be done in short bursts of time (and attention span)
  • an answer to prayer

Jimmie (from Jimmie’s Collage and Notebooking Fairy) had this great idea to prepare all the mini books ahead of time. She also has an amazing lapbooking Squidoo Lense that  is just loaded with resources and I highly suggest you check out if you are even the slightest bit interested in lapbooking.

Do you use lapbooks or notebooks in your homeschool? 

Do you use lapbooks or notebooks with your special needs kids?

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