My husband told me there were some amazing icicles outside after the big snowfall that we had this week. I asked him to go take pictures of them. He took some awesome pictures and I cropped them and tweaked them in my photo program. I love this photo (above) because the icicle looks like it … Read more

More Snow Pictures

All the kids had fun playing in the snow (including the big kid). Here is just a smattering of the couple hundred pictures that I snapped this week. I was standing inside the sliding doors (keeping warm), but I had so much fun taking pictures of the snow play. These are some of my favorite … Read more

It’s A Snow Day!

Guess what we woke up to this morning? Almost a foot of snow! The kids are over the moon with excitement. Some fun snow pictures for your viewing pleasure. These pictures were taken over an hour ago and the snow is still coming down full force. It is predicted to snow all day. There is … Read more