More Snow Pictures

Okay, so I promised more snow pictures.

Grab yourself a coffee (tea or hot chocolate is okay too) because it is going to get really cold in here, but not as cold as Dawn’s house was. It was snowing inside.  If you go over there to read, make sure you come back and look at the pictures (You might get lost over there because she has TONS of great content).

Can I tell you how much I absolutely LOVE having a camera? I have missed being able to take really good pictures of the kids for such a very long time. Did you read the story of how I got my camera? If not, you should. You can go do that now and I will wait right here for you.

Malachi being cool wearing Zion’s hat.

What? You want to take another picture of me? Come on mom.

This picture was taken totally by accident, but hey, it works.

Another “almost” family picture (missing Zion and Mommy).

Hosanna is not really sure about the snow, but thankful for the snowsuit from her cousin who has the coolest girlie hand me downs.

Playing with a stick like the big boys do.

Zion didn’t like the cold. Really. He didn’t like it at all.

Trying to hold back the tears and on his 5th pair of dry socks on his hands. Yes, socks work just as well as mittens.

Contemplating the snow. He was deep in thought and hiding out from the wind that had started blowing.

Caught in the act of eating snow. Yes, we have had the discussions about eating “yellow” snow. We usually eat ours with Maple Syrup like all good Canadians do. Well, we all do that right? Help a girl out here.

I absolutely love this picture. He was looking up trying to catch snowflakes and I had him repeat it several times because he kept moving just as the camera clicked.

What is the weather like where you are?