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Signed Stories

Signed Stories is a fun website that I think I have mentioned before, but it fits with today’s theme. Signed Stories reads stories to your children. A voice narrates the story while pictures are shown and someone in view on the screen signs the stories. Most of the stories are very quite fun. Signed Stories

Speaking Without Words

We started signing with the twins when they were very young. I don’t remember exactly how old they were, but I do remember what prompted us to started teaching them sign language. One evening after dinner they started screaming and throwing food. They were done, but they didn’t have the words to tell us. So, needless to say, their first sign was all done. We followed shortly after with more, down, milk, thirsty, water, and a few others. Until recently, that was enough. They could communicate and we didn’t have any more flying food (okay, we had some, but not …

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