All About Sound

All About Sound Videos We watched the following videos from Discovery Education All About Sound The Wonder Of Sound Real World Science: Sound Vocabulary Words I made a “sound” spelling and vocabulary list on Spelling City and we studied the definitions. Resources Sound – Wikipedia Complimentary Studies How Do Animals Make Sound? Ears Alexander G. Bell Emile Berliner

Home Business And Home School – Making It Work

How do you run a home business and home school? Finding a balance between work and school is the goal for any homeschool family, but especially for homeschool families that also run home businesses. It is wonderful to be able to have a flexible schedule, but also important to be able to set realistic boundaries (ones that honestly, not everyone will respect or even understand). Do you run a home business and home school? How do you make it work? Home Business and Home School – Making It Work Our family has been building Honeycomb Design Studio for the last few …

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Organizing Our Homeschool Again

Yes, you read that right, we are organizing our homeschool again. We have tried so many different ways of organizing our homeschool, almost as many ways as we have tried to arrange our living room (yeah, that’s a high number). The system we have hit on now is actually working. And get this, it is very easy to use. I mentioned the other day that we are doing a variation of workboxes – Family Workboxes. Right now we have 6 large buckets and they are labelled as follows: Bible, Math, English, Science, Social Studies, and French. We alternate weeks for …

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Family Workboxes

I have been a fan of workboxes, since the very beginning, and we have tried them in a variety of different ways in our homeschool. This year we are trying something new: Family Workboxes. When Jonah and I were discussing how we were going to do school for the rest of this term, we hit upon the idea of everyone doing the same subject at the same time. We created a big plastic bucket for each subject and filled it with everything needed to complete that subject. Some things we do together and some things we just do at the …

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Using Cheese To Make Plastic That Cleans Itself?

I came across this interesting article the other day and I thought it was worth sharing. Scientists have discovered a way to use a fungus found in cheese to make a plastic that cleans itself. I am simply amazed at the things that scientists are coming up with these days. This was a very interesting read and generated an interesting discussion in our homeschool today. What are you discussing in your homeschool these days?

Homeschooler, How Does Your Garden Grow?

With spring just around the corner, my thoughts are turning to the garden. We live in the city, so we have a tiny backyard garden and we need to make the most of our space. In the six years that we have lived in our row house, we have had some variety of garden just about every year. I love having a garden. It gives us an excuse to get off technology and get out side. I have a secret. I like playing in dirt. I love running the dirt through my fingers and breaking up the clumps. I even …

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Awesome List of Science Resources

Do you like science experiments, but avoid them because you you never have the right materials on hand? You sound just like me. I came across this awesome list of things to keep on hand so that you can be prepared for any science experimenting that might come your way during the homeschool day. Science Materials To Keep On Hand

God’s Wonderful Creation

I am really excited to have Cheryl Pickett as my guest poster today. You can find out more about her in her bio below. Kids and animals, more often than not, they go together like peanut butter and jelly. What’s great about that is God gives us lots of opportunity to use this connection to help build our children’s faith along with teaching them about His wonderful creation. Here are just a few examples of how include science, fun and faith with a kid’s natural love of animals: (photo credit: Jan Willem Geertsma) 1. Sea Star Believe it or not, a …

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