Science Sunday

Another Spider

My husband and the kids found this cute little spider.

I have never seen this type of spider around here before.

He really wasn’t very big, only the size of the bolts on the gate.

But he was hairy. He had a red spot on his behind. I panicked just a bit.

He sure looks cute (in the photos).

Jonah (my husband) looked him up and discovered that he is a Zebra Jumping Spider. Or at least that is our best guess. I love how we can find nature type things to learn about even in the city.

What science things are you learning about where you live?

I am linking this post up with Science Sunday .

The Human Body

Welcome to Science Sunday.

All on his own, Moses started creating his own human body game. He drew a picture of a human body and he drew the organs. Then he cut everything out. He was very intrigued to learn more about the human body.

We watched the following videos:

Here are some of the other things we did:

  • We visited NeoK12 which has videos and resources for free.
  • We found some great cliparts at DK Clipart for use with projects.
  • We went to BrainPOP and watched some more videos (you need a subscription for this).

What are you studying in Science these days?

The Water Cycle

I found this great new blog meme to follow, Science Sunday. I first discovered it at Along the Way and I thought it was an awesome idea. I had been wanting to post about some of our science adventures and thought this was the perfect opportunity to weave it in. There doesn’t seem to be a weekly theme, which is great because then I can get a whole new batch of science ideas from reading all the blogs that link up.

This week it has been raining outside and we have been thinking about water. The boys took to the outside and played in some buckets of rainwater. They poured and they splashed and they had lots of fun. They got covered in mud and came in and had a bubble bath.

In keeping with the water theme, we have been learning about the water cycle. Here are just a smattering of the resources that we have been using:

We also watched some videos from Brainpop about water and the water cycle. Here are some simple experiments that you can use when you are studying the water cycle:

What are you studying in Science right now?

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