A Trip Across Canada – Yummy Treats

I had a special request from a reader to write a post about the foods that Canadians eat. In doing my research for this post, I discovered that we have some pretty interesting names for some of the specialty food that is unique to us. I compiled a list of fun foods that have their history in Canada. I tried to include links that had a bit of information about the history of the recipe. Enjoy having a look at and or trying some of these creatively named recipes. Moosehunter Cookies Beaver Tails Poutine Butter Tarts Nanaimo Bars Tortiere Figgy …

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Menu Plan Monday

Here is my post for Menu Plan Monday. I am trying to get in the habit of linking up my menus every Monday. Our family does not eat eggs, dairy, nuts, or mushrooms due to allergies. I am only including my breakfast and dinner this week because we usually just wing out lunches. Here are my breakfasts (with fruit): Monday –  Pizza Biscuit Casserole Tuesday – muffins Wednesday – breakfast skillet (onions, bacon, peppers, potatoes) Thursday – oatmeal Friday– Baking Powder Biscuits and pepperoni Saturday – pancakes Sunday – pancakes Here are my dinners for this week (with vegetables): Monday …

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Eggless, Dairyless, Oatmeal Cookies

My kids don’t get sweets and treats very often, but every so often we make cookies. I have not found too many cookie recipes that I like which are eggless and dairyless. I went on a search today to find a new cookie recipe to try out this afternoon. I found a really simple recipe which sounds like it might be yummy. Oatmeal Cookies Here is what I did to the recipe: 3/4 cup Fleischman’s unsalted margarine 3/4 cup lard 2 cups brown sugar 1/2 cup water 1 teaspoons baking soda 6 cups oatmeal 2 cup flour 2 tablespoons cinnamon …

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The Quest For Eggless Muffins

I am supposed to make muffins for breakfast this morning – according to my new menu plan – and I don’t have a suitable recipe. I have a great recipe for muffins which don’t have any eggs or dairy, but they have flax (which I am out of). So, I set out again in search of recipes for eggless muffins. When I have searched for recipes before without any egg or dairy (Hosanna’s allergies), I have  looked for vegan recipes. Sometimes vegan recipes use weird ingredients (no offense to any vegans reading), so today, I decided to search for eggless …

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Menu Planning

Grocery day is coming up at our house. We always shop for the month, but I have been pretty bored with the food we have been eating lately. I decided to have a family meeting and see if we could come up with some creative ideas of things to eat. Let me just say here that we have some food issues in our house. We were gluten free, casein free for almost 2 years due to ADHD, Autism, and Aspergers  in our family. The diet was amazing and helped immensely. Last summer we reintroduced gluten and casein to see how …

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