Stories Online To Support Speech Therapy

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This week I am writing about speech therapy. I went in search of Speech Therapy Resources for Malachi and found some great ones. An internet search also yielded some wonderful  iPad Apps For Speech Therapy. Then I gathered all my favorite sites and made a list of Printable Resources For Speech Therapy (and found some excellent new ones too). Finally, yesterday I posted about some great Games And Activities For Speech Therapy.

Today we are talking about places to listen to stories and books online. 

I had no idea that there were so many places online where my children can listen to books being read. Listening to books online does not take away from reading to your children, but it gives them even more exposure to words.

Check out this list of places to have stories read to you online:

  1. Story Place
  2. CBeebies
  3. KOL Jr. Stories
  4. Speakaboos
  5. Storyline Online
  6. Children’s Storybooks Online
  7. Ziggity Zoom
  8. Lil Fingers Storybooks
  9. MightyBooks
  10. Starfall
  11. Online Storytime
  12. Mee Genius

What are your favorite books to read with your kids?

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