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The Gift Of Love

We have many little artists in the house, but one in particular was very excited when I told him that we would be reviewing some art lessons. The Gift of Love shares the story of the birth of Jesus Christ and three art lessons. The  story of the birth of Jesus Christ is a beautiful narration with captivating artwork. We found the narration to be interesting and accurately portrayed. All the children (ages 2 through 10) were captivated by the gentle voice of the story teller. He drew them into the story and the art work held their interest and …

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Rebecca St. James

I was delighted to be asked to review the new album, I Will Praise You, by Rebecca St. James. This is a beautiful album from start to finish and I know that you will enjoy it as much as our family has enjoyed it. My husband snatched up this CD as soon as it arrived in the mail. He put on the headphones and was lost in worship. He absolutely loves this new album by Rebecca St. James. When I was finally able to listen to this CD, I was instantly in love. The worship songs are inspiring. It has …

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Movie Review – Rust

James was a pastor and he came to a place where God was silent and he couldn’t accept that, so he walked away from his faith for a time. He returns to his home town and discovers that a family new to the area had been killed in a fire. Travis, a friend, from his childhood was accused of setting the fire and James knows that he is innocent and sets out to prove it. His home town has changed and he needs to unravel the truth that will set the town and himself free.  While James works diligently to …

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The Way Home

Randy is supposed to be helping his family get ready to go on a camping trip. Christal thought he was packing the van, but he ducked inside their home to check his work email. It was during this very short time that their 2 year old son Joe disappeared from their driveway. Christal and Randy check the neighbourhood and Grandma calls her church prayer chain and practically everyone she knows. People from the neighbourhood start pouring in to help search for little 2 year old Joe. The family lives in a forested area with many areas for him to be …

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Movie Review – The Mysterious Islands

Can you imagine my excitement when I was offered The Mysterious Islands movie to review? I was so excited when I saw the offer to review this movie come into my in box. This was a movie that my husband had suggested we watch long before we received the offer to review it. It was much different than what we expected, but it far exceeded our expectations. We really enjoyed watching this documentary together as a family and we learned so much. This gripping film was both intriguing and historical and the cinematography was simply beautiful. All of the kids …

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Have You Heard Of Glue Dots?

I first heard of Glue Dots through my friends on Twitter. I was intrigued and determined to check them out. I homeschool a child with Autism and ADHD who has fine motor and sensory issues among other things.  I have always wanted a simple way for him to participate in creating projects with us without stress and frustration. Elisha hates regular white glue. He doesn’t like getting it on his fingers and completely freaks out and melts down when it does. He has sensory issues and just does not like the feel of the glue on his fingers or how …

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