Play Boxes

In my travels around the internet, I came across this wonderful idea and I thought I would share it with you. A doctor’s office in a box (for play of course). The wheels are turning with ideas of other things that could be turned into play boxes. I love this idea.

Teaching Preschoolers In A Busy House

My guest post today is from Lea Ann Garfias and she blogs over at Whatever State I Am. While two of my children studied quietly at the kitchen table, I gave my eldest son his weekly viola lesson. He was not far into the F Major Scale before a preschool-sized “Narnian Warrior,” complete with sword and shield, charged toward the violist, singing “Fo-o-or A-a-a-slan!” in tune to the scale. After steering the Narnian out of the room and whispering a reminder to not interrupt music lessons, I turned toward the musician. “Did you notice your intonation problems at the top …

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What To Teach Before You Begin Teaching

My guest post today is from Lea Ann Garfias and she blogs over at Whatever State I Am. These First Lessons are the Most Important First published in Home School Enrichment Magazine Jan/Feb, 2010. What do I teach my child first during the early years? How do I know if he is ready for kindergarten, reading, or math? What early preschool curriculum should I be using? Bombarded by messages from the educational community, the media, and even homeschooling literature regarding “the importance of early education,” you may feel rushed to assemble the perfect curriculum, the optimal academic schedule, and stimulating …

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Mommy, I want to do school!

I am very excited to have Mrs. Candace from Sonbeams guest posting for Sunflower Schoolhouse today because we will be moving into the preschool at home stage this year with our 2.5 year old twins. (photo credit wbd) “Mommy, I want to do school!”, says your little preschool age “BABY” that couldn’t possibly be old enough to think such things. At this point in your Mommy-life, the idea of your child starting school might feel as far away as college! But when you stop and look, here is your child, now growing up with such an excited, healthy desire to …

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Introducing Brown Family Studios

My husband created this fun animation for our kids. He got permission from the GO FISH GUYS to use their music in this video. I would like to introduce you to Brown Family Studios. We have some fun animations in the works and I can’t wait to share them with you. Please help us spread the word.

A Trip Across Canada – Quebec

If you are just joining us now, may I suggest that you visit these pages first –> A Trip Across Canada – Introduction To Our Unit Study – Week 1 A Trip Across Canada – General Overview 0f Canada – Week 2 A Trip Across Canada – British Columbia – Week 3 A Trip Across Canada – Alberta – Week 4 A Trip Across Canada – Saskatchewan – Week 5 A Trip Across Canada – Manitoba – Week 6 A Trip Across Canada – Ontario – Week 7 A Trip Across Canada – Bonus Game. Our next stop on our …

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Building Character and Love For Reading – Guest Post

Guest Post by Catherine Gillespie I have three children aged 4, nearly 3, and 16 months. Because of their littleness and close age range, things are pretty busy at our house and we needed a preschool core that would allow us to be together rather than requiring me to be apart with my oldest daughter while the other two kids ran amok.  After much reading and careful consideration, I decided that the essence of what we want to instill in our young children at the preschool level is good habits of character and a love of reading. As I began to …

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Little Bitty Learners – Tot Basket

I stumbled on this idea last week and wanted to save it for my post about my Little Bitty Learners. I have been trying to figure out a simple way to do more (planned) activities with the twins (almost 2). I am visual. If something is hidden away, I will forget about it. So, when I saw this idea, I thought it was amazing and just the solution that I needed. It would allow me to plan ahead, be organized, and have a visual reminder of activities that I wanted to do with the twins. I want to introduce you …

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