Worms, Part 2

Yes, worms do have babies! Here are three web pages which directly answered my son’s question: You can read more information about the Common Earthworm. Here is a very interesting article on Earthworm Reproduction. You can read the answer to this question by clicking the question, “Do earthworms have babies?” Here are some blogs that have unit studies on earthworms so you can study further: Check out this blog’s unit study on Earthworms. Here is another fun post about Studying Earthworms, with loads of great resources. Here is a fun lapbook from Homeschool Share. If you are looking for interactive …

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Mom, Do Worms Have Babies?

Malachi found a giant worm in the garden. He’s looking at the ground for more worms. He found this giant one under a plant pot. Malachi showed the worm to Moses. Moses held out his hand to catch it in case it fell. Moses looks at me and asks, “Mom, do worms have babies?” I think for a moment and respond, “I don’t know, we will have to look it up.” What do you think? Check back soon to see what we discovered.

Mountain Born

We finished reading Mountain Born. The kids really connected with this book. It was a different kind of read for us, but really good. The language was challenging and stretched us. The topics were deep and we had much discussion about life and death. My husband and I were amazed at the symbolism the author included. We can’t wait to read more of her works. She has written over 40 books. If you are wanting to do more with this book, here is a collection of resources that you might find useful. Resources for studying Mountain Born.

You Have To See This Doll House!

My son sees an occupational therapist to help him with some of his issues with autism (like fine motor skills, sensory processing, etc). When we get to her office he has some free time to adjust (transition issues) and  then we follow a plan that they designed together. At the end of his session, he has some free time to explore and wind down after all the hard work. I happened to have my camera there one day and was able to snap some pictures of this really amazing paper doll house that she has. Here is a picture of …

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My Homeschool Binder

I promised that I would share photos of my homeschool binder… I discussed my homeschooling binder in a previous post – My Homeschool Binder – and I finally took some pictures. These pictures were taken a few weeks ago – before the big bedroom move around – and the photos were just on the camera waiting to be downloaded onto my computer. You might also be interested in this post – When School Is Going Well – as I talk more about My Homeschool Binder and our new system. The homeschool binder is working for us and making everything that …

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When School is Going Well…

I love it when a day goes well. I don’t know if you remember me blogging about My Homeschool Binder in a previous post? Yes, I do still plan to add some pictures. I did take the pictures… now I just need to remember to download them from the camera and upload them to the website. Now, where is the camera? Anyways… my homeschool binder is working well. Okay, we are all loving it and the organization and simplicity that it brings to our homeschooling adventure. We are taking a short break from workboxes and will add them in again …

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My Homeschool Binder

I got tired of so many teacher’s manuals and I spent some time (a day or two or three – it’s all a blur now) a couple of weeks ago and I merged everything into one binder. I made a simple, blank, ten week chart  (to get us to the end of the term). I used a fresh chart for each subject and filled in weekly goals. My homeschool binder tabs (which have yet to be labeled) are blank paper, Bible (group work), Language Arts (all three kids behind one tab), Math (all three kids behind one tab), Social Studies …

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Planning Our Next Term

After a long break (from our formal curriculum) for the holidays, I feel ready to take on the next ten weeks of school (sort of). To be honest I am actually pretty excited about starting up again. I feel much more prepared and organized. I have to say that I even feel more rested. I have taken the last week or so to work on my planning for this coming term. I have purchased a planner, typed out a schedule, and begun to photocopy materials needed. I will be doing the photocopying weekly because that seems way less stressful and …

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