Weekly Wrap Up

This week was a crazy busy week even though it was our second week of spring break. We took a break from the books and changed things up by revisiting our Trip Across Canada and exploring our new art DVD’s. A Trip Across Canada We started our Trip Across Canada Study again and it went surprisingly well. The reason that I say that is because all the big boys cooperated and participated in a group discussion and exchange of ideas without anyone totally freaking out. To me this is a sign of significant growth. This was the reason that we …

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The recent earthquakes and the tsunami warnings have prompted some learning on the fly around our house. We were interested as a family to discover more information. Our first question was, “What type of earthquake was it?” So we went to Google to discover the answer. There were lots of resources, but this was the most specific. What type of earthquake hit Chile? Armed with the above information, we searched for more details about that type of earthquake. Here is a web page that explains the various types of earthquakes. Plate Tectonics If you want to take a bit of …

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Earthquakes and Tsunami Warnings!

I read yesterday that there had been an earthquake in Japan. I asked Elisha to look it up for me (early this morning) and see if there was any more news. When he looked up the earthquake in Japan, he discovered that there had been an even bigger earthquake in Chile. After breakfast I was looking up more information on the Chilean earthquake only to discover that the B.C. coast under tsunami warning after massive Chilean earthquake. After further reading, I discovered that there were also tsunami warnings for Hawaii, Japan, and even Russia. If you haven’t heard about the …

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Signs Of Spring

In a recent post, I mentioned that the weather has been simply beautiful. Earlier this week we went for a walk around our neighborhood looking for signs of spring. Check out what we found. Blossoms… Blossoms… Blossoms… Blossoms… Blossoms… Blossoms… Blossoms… Blossoms… Blossoms… and more blossoms. Zion and Hosanna enjoying snacks as we go on our walk to look for signs of spring. Malachi looking cool in his sunglasses. All the boys love these glasses. Smiling Moses in the wind. Elisha ready for our walk. Elisha and Malachi playing in the grass. Moses, Elisha, and Malachi playing at the park. …

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A Trip To The Park

We have been missing in action this week because the weather has been AMAZING! It feels like spring already. It was windy out, but the weather was beautiful. Zion and Hosanna riding in their buggy. Elisha at the top of the play equipment. Elisha doing the monkey bars. He is incredible! Moses, looking very serious. Moses being goofy. Malachi. I wonder what he is looking at? Malachi and his smirky smile. So cute. Malachi having fun. Moses and Malachi climbing and having fun. Moses and Malachi climbing and having fun. We visited two parks close by to us on this …

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Menu Planning

Grocery day is coming up at our house. We always shop for the month, but I have been pretty bored with the food we have been eating lately. I decided to have a family meeting and see if we could come up with some creative ideas of things to eat. Let me just say here that we have some food issues in our house. We were gluten free, casein free for almost 2 years due to ADHD, Autism, and Aspergers  in our family. The diet was amazing and helped immensely. Last summer we reintroduced gluten and casein to see how …

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Galileo Galilei Was Born 446 Years Ago Today!

Elisha and I were looking at The Learning Calendar to see if anything interesting happened on this day in history. We discovered that today is Galileo Galilei’s Birthday. Elisha figured out that he was born 446 years ago. Galileo was an Italian astronomer and physicist.  You can read more about Galileo Galilei in this wiki article that we discovered. If you want to take your study a little bit further you can look at some of the links below. The Galileo Project Galileo’s Battle For The Heavens Galileo Galileo Curriculum Module

Story of the World

We started Story Of The World Volume 1 this week. We finally reached the point in Sonlight Core 1, where the Story of the World fit in. We are also using the Activity Book 1 which includes discussion questions, narration exercises, map work, project ideas, book suggestions and much more. It is jam packed. We are also using the Student Pages Volume 1 which includes coloring pages, activity pages, and maps. There are no instructions in this book (which is why we purchased the Activity Book 1 as well). We also have Test Pages Volume 1 which we use as …

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