Weekly Wrap Up

This week was a crazy busy week even though it was our second week of spring break. We took a break from the books and changed things up by revisiting our Trip Across Canada and exploring our new art DVD’s.

A Trip Across Canada

We started our Trip Across Canada Study again and it went surprisingly well. The reason that I say that is because all the big boys cooperated and participated in a group discussion and exchange of ideas without anyone totally freaking out. To me this is a sign of significant growth. This was the reason that we took a break from group activities (because nothing got done!).

I will be posting weekly about our Trip Across Canada. Our travel brochures have already started arriving and we are very excited.

I am currently updating the links to the online study. I am also putting it all together as an ebook jam packed with loads of fun activities and book recommendations that will be available for sale eventually. I am aiming for the end of June.

Art on Dvd

Not too long ago I asked if anyone had any suggestions for art lessons on DVD for me to use specifically with Moses, but with all the kids too. I was so excited to be asked to review some art lessons on DVD. We have been watching those DVD’s this week (and we are really enjoying them) and those reviews will be coming soon.

Occupational Therapy

On Friday, we had our quietest and calmest OT visit in a long time. Our OT is amazing. We love her to pieces and we look forward to her coming every two weeks. Right now we are working on Elisha pacing himself and asking for help before he falls apart (really hard for him sometimes). We are making excellent progress.

Portfolio Visit

On Friday, we also had our last 2nd term portfolio visit. I can’t believe how quickly this year is going by. We have not made as much progress as I would have liked, so we will need to kick some serious but this last term (from now until June 15th). We will then spend the summer finishing off everything that didn’t get done before we will move up to the next grade levels.

Surprise Birthday Party Success!

My oldest son turned 11 on Thursday and we were able to pull off a surprise party for him on Friday afternoon. This was the first time I have ever even attempted a surprise party for any of the kids (we may never do it again). We decided to try a surprise party for Elisha because the anxiety of the anticipation is almost unbearable for him and us.

When he came home from spending the afternoon with grandma and grandpa (and visiting the IMAX) he was very surprised to find all his cousins and a decorated house.

I am happy to report that the party was fun and went off without incident. There were 6 adults and 9 kids in our small townhouse. It was loud, very loud, and it took the kids forever to wind down after, but it was a blast.

It is a good thing that we saved the chocolate cupcakes until the very end. Can I just tell you how much I love my eggless, dairyless chocolate cake recipe? Well, I do. I will have to blog about it some time.

Winding Down Today

As much anxiety as there is leading up to birthdays, there is almost as much coming down from the high for Elisha. He has had a hard time occupying himself and settling into “normal” life again. I think this is a normal part of his autism and ADHD. He craves routines even when he fights them.

Today we are winding down and just hanging out having a calm day at home. For the boys this means Saturday morning cartoons, movies, and a little bit of xBox.

I have been finishing up with a client and I have some graphic design samples to finish preparing for a potential client (can we say, really excited!) so I have been working hard at those and can’t wait to present them.

Our Next Animation

Have you checked out the trailer in the sidebar? It is short and sweet and there will be more trailers coming as we work hard to get the animation finished. Have a look and let me know what you think.

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So what did you do this week?


The recent earthquakes and the tsunami warnings have prompted some learning on the fly around our house. We were interested as a family to discover more information.

Our first question was, “What type of earthquake was it?” So we went to Google to discover the answer. There were lots of resources, but this was the most specific.

What type of earthquake hit Chile?

Armed with the above information, we searched for more details about that type of earthquake. Here is a web page that explains the various types of earthquakes.

Plate Tectonics

If you want to take a bit of time and study earthquakes in more detail, you can check out the resources below:

More information about the Chilean earthquake:

Massive earthquake hits Chile, 147 dead

Earthquakes and Tsunami Warnings!

I read yesterday that there had been an earthquake in Japan. I asked Elisha to look it up for me (early this morning) and see if there was any more news. When he looked up the earthquake in Japan, he discovered that there had been an even bigger earthquake in Chile. After breakfast I was looking up more information on the Chilean earthquake only to discover that the B.C. coast under tsunami warning after massive Chilean earthquake. After further reading, I discovered that there were also tsunami warnings for Hawaii, Japan, and even Russia.

If you haven’t heard about the earthquakes and tsunami warnings, you might be interested in the following links with more information:

If you have any resources to add to the list or thoughts to share, please leave a comment.

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