Top Ten Christmas Decorations From My Childhood

This is what greeted the kids Christmas morning last year. 

When I think about Christmas decorations from my childhood, certain images are recalled almost immediately. Today, I want to take you down memory lane.

1) Pipe Cleaner Candy Canes

We made pipe cleaner candy canes by twisting a red and a while pipe cleaner together. Then we curved a hook in it and hung it on the tree. Sometimes we took one pipe cleaner and made a candy cane using Tri beads in Christmas colors (that would be red, green, and white for us).

2) Paper Snowflakes

Paper snowflakes have more to do with winter than Christmas, but we always ended up making them on our Christmas holidays. These would hang in the windows until the moisture from the windows would make them all soggy and they would start falling apart (Don’t tell me that didn’t happen to your snowflakes.)

3) Paper Chains

Bright and colorful paper chains often wrapped around the whole tree. You know the ones made with construction paper and a stapler? Do you know how much paper (and how many staples) it takes to make a paper chain that goes all the way around a huge Christmas tree? (Neither do I.)

4) Popcorn Chain

What do you get when you mix a giant bowl of popcorn (this time without butter) with a long thread and a sharp needle? A popcorn chain for the Christmas tree and sore fingers. We only did this once and I am pretty sure I know why.

5) Fancy Baubles

When I was little most of the shiny decorations were breakable and our tree was full of them. I love all the Christmas baubles on fancy trees, I just don’t like cleaning up the splinters of glass when the balls fall on the floor and I step on them. I am so thankful for the invention of “shatterproof” baubles made of plastic. In my mind they look just the same and they are safer to have when the kids take the ornaments on and off the tree all day long for the whole month of December.

6) Garland

I can’t tell you if we have had garland on any of our family trees since we started our own family, we might have, I just don’t remember. I do remember always having garland wrap around our family Christmas tree growing up.

7) Tinsel

I also remember hanging tinsel on after the garland (as long as we didn’t have any pets at the time – You do know that tinsel is bad for cats and dogs and other small animals allowed to be loose in the house, right?) because the tinsel always came after the garland. And after the tinsel always came…

8) The Star or The Angel

Growing up we have always had a star or angel adorn the top of our Christmas tree. It was always put on last. There were a few times when it was too heavy for that skinny top branch and it would sag, but most of the time it fit just right. I heard from a reliable source that my sister tied a Ken doll, dressed in a suit, on top of her Christmas tree this year and they are planning to get him some angel wings (it is so hard to find man angels these days!).

9) Stockings

We had a variety of different stockings growing up. I am not sure why we never had the same ones, but my guess is that it was probably because the stockings were packed in a box somewhere and we couldn’t find them. I have made stockings a few times now for my kids, so I understand this crazy phenomenon of losing those “TWO” boxes that you only use once a year. I am guessing that is why they have started making those bright red and green buckets. We have those now and we love them. This year I found 2 complete sets of stockings.

Last, but definitely not least, was the…

10) Nativity

We always had some form of nativity on display at Christmas time. One nativity was ceramic and painstakingly hand painted by my aunt (my dad’s brother’s wife). The other nativity that stands out in my mind was probably purchased at a local department store, but we were allowed to touch it. It had a wooden stable with that funky moss all over it and the little resin nativity characters. I have fond memories of playing out the Christmas story with those characters.

What are your fondest memories of Christmas Decorations from your childhood? 

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