Organizing Our Homeschool Again

Yes, you read that right, we are organizing our homeschool again. We have tried so many different ways of organizing our homeschool, almost as many ways as we have tried to arrange our living room (yeah, that’s a high number). The system we have hit on now is actually working. And get this, it is very easy to use.

I mentioned the other day that we are doing a variation of workboxes – Family Workboxes. Right now we have 6 large buckets and they are labelled as follows: Bible, Math, English, Science, Social Studies, and French. We alternate weeks for Science and Social Studies, and the French bucket also contains PE materials. We hope to start adding in both of those subjects as soon as we are comfortable with our new routine.

In each bucket is everything that we need to tackle that subject for the duration of this term. The buckets include items like: textbooks, workbooks, worksheets, notes (about where to find things online or which books to print from on my hard-drive), games, DVD’s, CD’s, folders full of work to be done and work already done, and any tools needed to do the job.

It has been amazing to open the bucket and just get to work without having to look for everything before we can get started. This has simplified my life. Seriously, you really have no idea how this has simplified my life. The kids are not allowed to touch the buckets – except for school – and before, things had a habit of disappearing. Now everything is where I leave it and as I expect it to be when we start school. This is such a blessing.

I can see future benefits too. I can print things and slip them into the buckets to weave into current or future lessons. I can gather games or experiment bits and pieces to put in the buckets to help us learn in a more hands on way.

I would love to hear how you organize your homeschool. Please leave a note in the comments.


During our Bible time today we read and discussed Proverbs 20:11.
Download a pdf of the memory verse poster here – – >View on Store

lightbulbs memory verse pages-05


We went to Khan Academy again today to watch our math video.

1Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 6.58.47 PM

We watched Basic Subtraction in the Khan Academy Arithmetic Playlist in case you are following along.

We used subtraction worksheets from The Math Worksheet Site as a review.

1Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 6.59.14 PM


We are still working through these books:

PicMonkey Collage

Left Book – No Boring Practice, Please! Spelling
Right Book – Comic-Strip Grammar

In No Boring Practice, Please! Spelling we are “still” working on syllables. Just like yesterday we will be doing word building games instead of doing written crosswords. I wrote the syllables of the words on cards and gave them clues so they could build the words. (I did take pictures, but they turned out all blurry so I am not including them here).

We read the information page on syllables from Natural Speller by Kathryn Stout.



We deviated from our Comic-Strip Grammar for the day and I created a simple worksheet on pronouns based on one found in Grammar a Step-by-Step Approach. I had to print it on pink paper and the boys were not too impressed with that.



Today we did our first reading from our new science book : Machines & Motion.


After conducting some experiments with a bouncy ball, we ventured on to YouTube to have a look at some videos related to things that came up during our discussion:

Throwing A Baseball

Gravity Hill

A Few Questions For You

  1. What are you currently studying in science?
  2. How do you measure progress and understanding?
  3. What is one thing you would change about your homeschool this year?

Planning Your Homeschool Year

Planning The Homeschool Year

I worked on planning this school year (the one that just started), way back in the spring. I made this massive list 2012-2013 Curriculum Planning and then I went on my merry way finishing out last year.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, now I am rethinking my plans. I know that I am not the only one this happens to. I am just so thankful that I have not purchased my materials yet. Wahoo!

We want this year to be fun, but productive. We have some new things up our sleeves, which I can’t share just yet. Oh how I wish I would share, but I need to make more progress on them, so you will just have to wait in suspense, while I finish them (or at least make more progress).

Growing Our Homeschool

This year we have 5 students and I am doing my best to plan our days and lessons to spread myself around, promote independence, and maximize productivity. We also need to factor in our growing home business (Honeycomb Design Studio).

Our students this year are:

  • Elisha in grade 7
  • Moses in grade 6
  • Malachi in grade 4
  • Zion in preschool
  • Hosanna in preschool

Rethinking Our Plans

I had chats with each of the big kids to see what things they wanted to learn this year. I wanted to see how I could weave their interests into our overall plans. The things they wanted to learn were creative and interesting. Architecture, puppetry, photography, art journaling, inventors and inventions, electronics, volcanoes, and blogging were just a few of the things the kids wanted me to develop courses for. In the interest of helping them pursue the things that they are passionate about, we will be making those subjects a priority.

Since we only have so many hours in our day, I need to re-evaluate our whole plan to see how we can fit everything in.  We are not meeting with our support teacher until next weekend and our IEP planning meeting is two weeks after that, so I have a bit of time to get all my ducks in a row.

What do you do when you have to rethink your homeschool plans?
Do you have your homeschool plans all in order?

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