A Trip Across Canada – Ottawa

We are taking a detour through our capital city, Ottawa! We will be back with Quebec next week. Ottawa is the capital city of Canada.You can read more about Ottawa here –> Ottawa Ottawa Tourism City of Ottawa Ottawa Some history of Ottawa can be found on these pages. Timeline of Ottawa History Ottawa Indians … Read more

A Trip Across Canada – Ontario

If you are just joining us now, may I suggest that you visit these pages first –> A Trip Across Canada – Introduction To Our Unit Study – Week 1 A Trip Across Canada – General Overview 0f Canada – Week 2 A Trip Across Canada – British Columbia – Week 3 A Trip Across … Read more

A Trip Across Canada – National Songs and More!

Yes, the next lesson is coming! It is on Ontario and it will be posted tomorrow. Today my post is a little like the book, If You Give A Mouse A Cookie by Laura Numeroff … We spent some time working on our “A Trip Across Canada Study” and I wanted to share the fun … Read more

Week 1 – Introduction To Our Unit Study

We are going to take a journey across Canada (a pretend one) from now until the end of June 2010. Each week we will visit a different province and learn all about it. I hope you will join us on our journey. I hope to include links to on-line resources, printables, and some free downloads … Read more