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Let The Games Begin!

Today is day of the Opening Ceremonies for the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver, BC.

You can follow along with the 2010 Olympic Games on the official website.

There are three mascots, Miga, Quatchi, and Sumi. You can learn more about them by clicking on their names.

There are some fun games and activities on the 2010 Olympic Games website, but they are kind of hard to find, so I have linked to them here.

Soaring Sumi

Quatchi’s Shootout Shutout

Operation Recycle

Miga Moves

Which Mascot Are You Like?

E-Cards – Share The Mascots With Your Friends

Print and Fold Mascots  AND Coloring Sheets

Interactive Desktop and Wallpapers

If you want to find out more about the Olympic Movement, you can visit the official website.

If you want to learn  the history of the Olympic Games, you can visit this Wikipedia article.

Have you ever been to the Olympic Games?

Kid Links: Music

My plan today was to add some new resources to the Kid Links and write a short blog post telling you about it.

As I was looking through the Kid Links page, I noticed there was only one link to a website about music. On a whim, I decided to look for more resources to add to that topic. What I found while looking for some fun things for the kids, was amazing.

So, this post is kind of a three in one special. The Kid Links will get updated with some fun music resources, Homeschool4free will get some great new music resources (I don’t even know if it has a music page yet?), and you will get a great blog post telling you about all of these amazing links. (note: Homeschool4free did not have a Music Page, but it does now!)

At the risk of being detailed, I feel that I need to explain something…. Kid Links is a page of links designed so that kids can go directly to specific activities and not whole websites. Homeschool4free generally includes websites with resources that mom (or dad) can use in preparing their homeschool lessons (resources or reference materials, worksheets, printables, activities, etc).  Don’t worry, I will post the appropriate things to the appropriate places, and it will be done before this post (the one you are reading right now) goes up tonight.

Arts Alive Music

This website is loaded with resources. It has PDF downloads, sound clips, information, and way more than I could possibly list here. This is a must visit if you are studying classical music, the orchestra or the symphony. I have included links to 4 PDF downloads from Arts Alive at the bottom of this post. This website was added to Homeschool4free.

Classics For Kids

This website is an amazing resource for the homeschool family that desires to learn more about classical music. You can listen to classical music and information about different aspects of classical music in the section called, “On The Radio.” There are activity sheets to go with each of the radio shows. There is a wonderful Composers Timeline and some games and both of these were added to the Kid Links. There is so much more to explore at this website. This website was added to Homeschool4free.

DSO Kids

This website is another amazing music resource for the homeschool family. You can take a virtual tour of a symphony hall. You can play some games on line that help you learn more about composers, musical symbols and more. There is much to see at this website also. This website was added to Homeschool4free and some of the activities were added to Kid Links.

San Francisco Kids Symphony

This website has some fun and interactive on-line activities for you and your kids to check out. I put the links to the Music Lab and the  Instruments of the Orchestra in the Kid Links.

New York Philharmonic Kidzone

This is a fun and interactive website with 12 different activities available to play in the game room. Have a blast checking out the instruments in the storage room. Make music in the instrument laboratory. This website was added to Kid Links and Homeschool4free.


Moms, this one is just for you. Do you find yourself humming a tune and can’t quite place the name? Check out this website. This website was added to Homeschool4free.

The following links open up amazing PDF documents with information, activities, and wonderful pictures:

Introducing Beethoven Teacher’s Resource Kit

Let’s Go Mozart Teacher’s Resource Kit

Schubert’s Party: The Melody Musician

Vivaldi and the Four Seasons Teacher’s Resource Kit

Do your have any great music resources that could be added to either the Kid Links or Homeschool4free? I would love to hear about them.

Specifically Spelling: On-line Resources

Do you need a spelling program for your child?

I have a few free suggestions for you, to get you started.

Spelling Connections

Spelling Connections has spelling word lists for grade one all the way up to grade eight. For each grade level they have practice pages and homework masters. The practice pages include the word lists and the homework masters are worksheets to help learn the words. You could also add the word lists into Spelling City and play games on-line for more practice (read more about Spelling City below).

Spelling Resources

This web page has a  full year of first grade spelling words. It includes the word lists, a printable spelling practice ideas sheet, a couple of download sheets, and some printable spelling word lists. You could also enter these spelling words into Spelling City for even more practice (read more about Spelling City below).

Spelling City

We love Spelling City. This awesome website makes the prep work for spelling almost non-existent. You enter your spelling words, print penmanship pages, take pre-tests, have the computer teach you the words, play games, print out worksheets, and take tests. All of this can be done with your own spelling list. Spelling City is very easy to use and the words are very easy to enter.

What do you use for spelling?

I would be interested in hearing about other resources that you have found on-line.

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