Breastfeeding 2 year old TWINS!

Looks a little bit like this… I love nursing my almost 2 year old twins. I have breastfed each of my five children and each experience has been uniquely different and came with its own set of challenges. The twins, Zion and Hosanna, were born at 35 weeks after a very uneventful twins pregnancy (that is the way they like them). They were perfect. They were tiny. Zion was 6 lbs 14oz and Hosanna was 4lbs 14oz. I spent 7 days in hospital recovering from a c-section and they came home with me. We did not even attempt breastfeeding until …

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Learners TV

I come across many things in my searches around the Internet. Sometimes I save interesting things to put together into longer posts or put up on my Homeschool4Free pages. I haven’t quite figured out where this one will go yet, but it is a really awesome resource that I thought some of you would definitely be interested in. I wanted to put it somewhere (how about a simple blog post?) so it didn’t get misplaced. Learners TV is a collection of on-line lectures (whole courses in fact) on a variety of different topics (including – Physics, Chemistry, Nursing, History, etc). …

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