Cribs, Mattresses, and New Beds

Did I tell you the story of the twins and the crib incident? I have to tell you that story in order to tell you the story about God’s provision for our new (to us) bed.

One afternoon we went into the twins’ bedroom and they had pulled enough foam out of their mattresses to make them unusable. Somehow they had pulled off their sheets and picked away at the plastic to make a hole and then just started ripping out the stuffing. I am sure they worked together and encouraged each other in this endeavor.

We dismantled the cribs and put them on our local freecycle and the mattresses went into the trash. They were gone almost immediately, but the twins still needed something to sleep on. We have a few random mattresses stacked in the basement (don’t ask) and we pulled up a single bed mattress and box-spring for them to share. We put a sheet on it and got it ready for them.

The first few nights were pretty hard. I was anticipating cribs until they were three (guess not!). Nap times were even harder. We had to take their dresser out of their room because they pulled everything out of it during nap time. Pulling their dresser out meant no more music and no more night light, which meant more adjustment.

Around the same time as the crib incident, one of our neighbor’s asked my husband if we needed a king size bed. (um, hello, yes!) I had been wanting one of those since the twins were born (okay, since I was pregnant with the twins!). It’s a long story, but we ended up with the king size bed in our room and the twins got our queen size bed in their room.

Let me just say that it is a lot easier to nurse the twins in bed, at night, with a king size bed. We are sleeping a bit more now as the babies are adjusting to their new bed (with the exception of the all night nursing session the other night when Zion woke with a fever).

The twins have even adjusted to nap times in their new big bed (except for when they are sick with coughs, like today). They are pretty normal 2 year olds though and don’t really like stopping their day to go to bed and have a rest.

The king size bed even came with a pretty pink sheet (which we washed of course). One more fun piece to this is a little bit before we heard we were getting the king size bed, my mom gave me her fancy quilt and pillowcases for a king size bed. Now, I just have to remember where I put them.

So, that is the story of our new king size bed.  Isn’t God cool!

What miracles are happening in your life right now?