Nature Study Tuesday

Unknown Spider and Mysterious Tracks

It is time for Nature Study Tuesday and we have been having some fun. Here is a spider that daddy and the kids found outside the back door. Does anyone know what kind it is? How do I find out what kind of spider this is?     Daddy and the boys found these mysterious tracks in our pathway this week. These tracks were found first thing in the morning. Keep in mind we live in the city. Does anyone know what animal the tracks could be to? What new and exciting things are you discovering in your nature studies this …

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Nature Study Tuesday

Nature Study Tuesday is another fun meme that I have found. I have been wanting to share about our fun adventures outside and this fits perfectly. This is our bunny. This is a giant honeybee that we found in the front yard. This is a picture my husband took. He just happened to catch the giant honeybee in mid flight. Amazing! A wasp nest that the kids discovered in the backyard. Here is a close-up of the wasp nest. Well, that’s about it for this week.

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