Tree, Lights, Action

So, we got this huge tree from freecycle. The owner was moving into a nursing home and we received his meticulously cared for Christmas tree. When I say meticulous, I mean, the branches were color coded and it was packed in layers of newspaper. We got the tree, but we already had the boy. If truth be told, we already have four boys and one girl, but that is another story. That is my Zion in that picture. He looks so tiny, but the tree is really huge. The tree came with a bucket of lights (indoor and outdoor) and a …

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Table, Chairs, and a Hutch

We went for almost two years without chairs for our eating table. A few chairs came and went during that time, some of them broke because the kids have this incessant desire to rock on them, and others were on their last legs when they got here. We didn’t have the extra money to purchase anything really solid (aka unbreakable) so we did without. Picnic time (okay, not really). Fast forward to last fall when my Nana went into the hospital and then went into a care home after that, which left my mom and my aunt the task of …

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