Learning Multiplication Through Art

During a search on Pinterest I stumbled on some interesting Math Art pins and it led me on a searching bunny trail. I created a Math Art Pinterest Board and gathered all the interesting things I kept finding.

My twins are learning their multiplication facts and one of them was really having trouble grasping the concept. I was so excited when I found the Array City pins (there were several different varieties) and I decided to try it.

First I tried it with each twin (separately) on paper. Here is an example.

Then Hosanna and I tried it in Adobe Illustrator. (She loves my Ai software and will use any excuse to use it). In Ai it looked something like this and she had to learn some new skills – how to make a rectangle, copy & paste, align, etc. I love this project because it was using art and technology to learn math. And she got it (mostly because it had the art and tech in it, I think).

Have a look at my Math Art Board on Pinterest and you might just find something fun to help your kids grasp a concept or learn something fun.