Turning 2 – The Party Continues

More pictures of our adorable babies toddlers. The photo shoot Hosanna cried through (this is Zion). The first beach trip that Zion slept through (this is Hosanna). My favorite outfits on you. The rockers that saved our lives. Random cuteness… More random cuteness… There are more photos coming…

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Birthday Celebrations Part 2

And you thought that I would only post one set of pictures for the birthday festivities today! Hosanna, before she learned how to breastfeed. One of my favorite shots of Zion. One of my favorite shots of Hosanna. Hosanna’s first time to the park. Zion’s first time at the park. Where has the time gone?

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My Little Bitty Learners Turn 2

Hosanna and Zion turn 2 today. I thought you might want to share in the celebration. I can’t believe how fast the last two years have gone by. This was daddy’s first view of you both. And this was one of my first views of you. This was your first time at church. This was … Read more

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