Mothers of Boys

Activities For Boys

Living in a house full of boys (who are bored with summer) led me to brainstorm some ideas about what to do with them.

  1. take apart a broken stereo
  2. take apart a broken blender
  3. take apart a broken toaster
  4. make a bird house
  5. learn to use a sewing machine and make a pillowcase
  6. plastic and wood models
  7. create a homemade board game
  8. make a treasure chest and fill it with treasure
  9. create something with paper mache
  10. sidewalk chalk
  11. build a fort
  12. learn the art of knot tying
  13. blow bubbles
  14. do a jigsaw puzzle
  15. play tag
  16. play hide and seek
  17. clothes pins in the bottle (or variation of)
  18. make paper airplanes
  19. make a periscope
  20. build a kite

If you are still stuck for ideas, check out this list of traditional children’s games to play.

Do you have any ideas to add to my list? Please leave a note in the comments.

My Day At The MOB

Today is my day at the MOB.

Do you know what the MOB is?

The Mothers of Boys Society!

I am a mother of many boys and one princess. We have four boys (10, 8, 6, and 2) and one little girl who is 2. The youngest two are twins. It is my privilege to be able to write a monthly article about my boys for The Mob Society.

If you are a mother of boys, then I would highly encourage you to visit the mob. The posts are full of encouragement and often times, humor. It is a blessing to read articles by other mothers (and one dad) of boys.

Today is my day at the MOB.  You can read my article, Lead By Example, and you can enter the giveaway for a CD from Slugs and Bugs.

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