Morning Has Broken

Here is my Song For Sunday:

Something triggered my memory of the song, Morning Has Broken this week. I first learned this song in my elementary music class. I have fond memories of my elementary music class and Mrs. Bailey. She was the most amazing music teacher. I found out years later that Mrs. Bailey was a Christian when I saw her at a youth meeting her son was leading. I remember sitting in her class once a week and learning a variety of different types of music. She had a Smartie jar that you got to visit when you were well behaved. There were two rows of stools at the back of the class that you got to sit on when you were in grade six or seven. I can still vividly see her classroom and how it was laid out. It’s funny the things you remember after 28 years.

On doing a search of Mrs. Bailey, I was saddened to discover that she died of Alzheimer’s last summer. I have such good memories of her.