My Top Ten Ways To Make Pizza That Isn’t Pizza

Fabulous pizza from my niece's birthday.

This post is going to be incredibly delicious. I have been thinking about pizza. Not just ordinary pizza, but homemade pizza. You have made pizza from scratch, right? It’s easy. Okay, my husband makes it look easy. Let me tell you, he makes the absolute best pizza in the world.

We have leftover pizza fixings from my niece’s birthday party on Friday. I have been thinking about all the different ways we can make pizza without really making pizza.  We have tried a few of these and the rest, I am drooling over and can’t wait to try.

  1. Pizza Pretzels – We made these ourselves, but you can see a recipe and pictures for pizza pretzels here.
  2. Pizza Rolls – I can’t wait to try pizza rolls. Here is one great way to make pizza rolls.
  3. Pizza Bread – We have made pizza bread by putting sauce on bread and adding meat and cheese on top. There are other ways to make pizza bread.
  4. Mini Pizzas – These are great to make if no one can agree on toppings.
  5. Pizza Bites – Check out these fun pizza bites.
  6. Calzones – We have made these before, but it has been a very long time. I think we need to make these again. Check out this awesome resource for making Calzones.
  7. Stuffed Pizza – The first time I heard about stuffed pizza, it was only the crust. These stuffed pizzas look easy enough to make.
  8. Pizza Casserole – We have made this fun dish a few times over the last 12 years. We line the bottom of our glass cake pan with oil, cornmeal, biscuit dough and then add oil, sauce, and toppings. This is really yummy.
  9. Pizza Pinwheels – When you look up pizza pinwheels, you might find these or these.
  10. Dessert Pizza – I am sure we have all heard of these. There are the peach ones and the chocolate ones. The possibilities are endless and I can’t wait to try these just for fun sometime.

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