Middle Ages

Creative Learning Experiences

Worksheets are often boring, I do know this, so my goal is always to use them as a guide for the discussion and learning process and not to require page after page of writing. Elisha (our oldest) has autism and has always struggled with putting pen to paper due to a combination of muscle fatigue (diagnosed by an orthopaedic specialist) and sensory issues (diagnosed by two different occupational therapists). For these and other reasons, we are always looking for creative learning experiences that don’t require putting pen to paper. Creative learning experiences can often be found by thinking outside the box …

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Making School Fun

I will be the first to admit that school is not always fun. Sometimes the things we are learning are hard for me to teach and sometimes things are hard for the kids to learn. Since I really want my kids to enjoy learning, I work hard at making school fun or at least as enjoyable as possible (sometimes that is SO hard, trust me). When you are home learning or in any learning environment, one of the biggest obstacles to overcome or compensate for is the variety of learning styles. Everyone has their own “way” that they learn best …

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