The Week Before Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and all I can think about now is baking cookies, creating sweet treats, and making Christmas dinner. Things to do: I need to do a baking inventory and make sure we have all of our supplies, so Jonah can make a last minute run to the grocery store (across the street). … Read more

Menu Plan Monday on Tuesday

We had a crazy busy weekend and I never got around to making the menu plan for the week, so here is our Menu Plan Monday on Tuesday.  Breakfasts oatmeal pancakes grilled cheese sandwiches muffins and apples or carrot sticks breakfast skillet cinnamon toast Lunches grilled tuna sandwich and green salad biscuits and green salad … Read more

Menu Plan Monday

Cabbage Roll Casserole This is a simple replacement for all those cabbage roll casserole lovers. This time it will be made with breakfast sausage and bear paw hamburgers. I know that sounds really weird, but the plan is to fry those up with some onions and mild salsa. It will create a really yummy sauce … Read more