Math Resource

I was looking for a few different number line pages for one of the big boys today. My search led me to Google (as usual) and I found this amazing site. If you go to Mathematics Blackline Masters you will find more blackline masters than you will ever need (for grades K-9).

11 Ways to Make Math More Fun

You have tried every math program on the planet and your child is still not getting it. Okay, maybe not every program, but it sure feels like it. What can you do to help your child learn everything he needs to know about math? Find out by reading my post today over at The Homeschool Classroom.  

Sweet Finds Saturday

It is time for another Sweet Finds Saturday. I absolutely loved this homemade play kitchen made out of an entertainment center. It is amazing. This homemade design notebook is inspiring and might help me keep track of all the little scraps that I rip out of the fliers and catalogs when I am inspired. Jimmie has a sneaky way of educating. I think I like it. I found this post today about teaching Geography Without A Curriculum simply by integrating it when it comes up. I like this approach. It makes for a more natural way of learning things and …

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Counting With You Tube Videos

Is your toddler or preschooler learning how to count? Check out these fun YouTube videos for some counting fun. Counting to 10 Sesame Street to 10 Sesame Street Pinball Count to 12 Let’s Count Sheep Numbers 10 to 20 Count To 20 What are your favorite ways to teach your child to count?

8 Addition Games On-line

Do your kids need to brush up on some of their math skills before you dig into your new homeschool materials and start another year? Here are some fun on-line games for the kids to use to practice their addition skills: Ants Go Marching Aquatic Speedway Addition Car Wash Frenzy Cone Crazy Add Fantastic Fish Shop Flight of the Knight Snowball Fight Math Magician Games I can’t wait to incorporate some of these fun on-line activities into our home school day. What fun on-line activities will you be adding into your homeschooling day this year? I am linking this post …

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Learners TV

I come across many things in my searches around the Internet. Sometimes I save interesting things to put together into longer posts or put up on my Homeschool4Free pages. I haven’t quite figured out where this one will go yet, but it is a really awesome resource that I thought some of you would definitely be interested in. I wanted to put it somewhere (how about a simple blog post?) so it didn’t get misplaced. Learners TV is a collection of on-line lectures (whole courses in fact) on a variety of different topics (including – Physics, Chemistry, Nursing, History, etc). …

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