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My children love watching educational videos. For some reason they really enjoy math videos.

Last year we purchased all three volumes of MathTacular from Sonlight. They were working on a fourth video, but as far as I know, it is not available yet. My kids have watched these videos over and over again. I highly recommend them. (We have all 4 volumes now.)

I went on a search to see what math videos were available on-line for free. I came up with quite a few links. I thought you might enjoy them. I will be weaving these into our school day for a bit of extra practice.

  1. Math Vids
  2. Math TV
  3. Math A Tube
  4. Just Math Tutorials
  5. XP Math
  6. Math Videos
  7. Teacher Tube
  8. Math Playground Math Videos
  9. Math Video Initiative

I am linking this post up with Math Monday (which sadly no longer exists).

8 Addition Games On-line

Do your kids need to brush up on some of their math skills before you dig into your new homeschool materials and start another year?

Here are some fun on-line games for the kids to use to practice their addition skills:

  1. Ants Go Marching
  2. Aquatic Speedway Addition
  3. Car Wash Frenzy
  4. Cone Crazy Add
  5. Fantastic Fish Shop
  6. Flight of the Knight
  7. Snowball Fight
  8. Math Magician Games

I can’t wait to incorporate some of these fun on-line activities into our home school day.

What fun on-line activities will you be adding into your homeschooling day this year?

I am linking this post up with Math Monday.

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