Sleep Of The Mama

This was written some night last week. No, I don’t remember the date, but I could check the email I sent myself from the iPad if you really want to know.

On with the story…

With my head on my pillow and my eyes closed tight, I try desperately to find sleep. On one side of me is my snoring husband enjoying his slumber and on the other is Zion, whimpering and whining because his cough is making him feel yucky. Hosanna is sandwiched between my husband and I, sprawled all over the bed, and her one desire is to have more nummies, but we are trying hard to wean. I try to redirect her back to sleep and it actually works.

My eyes are closed, but my head is full of thoughts. Lists of things to do tomorrow dance in my head. I suppose that I could count the lists instead of sheep? It is my own fault hat I am wide awake. I fell asleep for three hours while nursing the twins to sleep. I was so tired that I totally crashed and now sleep is alluding me.

Tired of trying to sleep, I crept quietly out of the room to find some place uninhabited by sleeping children and typed this on the iPad. The iPad is surprisingly quiet to type with, thankfully. As I found my secret night writing spot, I was greeted by Tizzie needing some late night tummy scratching. I give the kitty some needed attention and she moves on as usual.

Now that this post is out of my head, maybe I will find sleep? (Actually, I went on to draft 6 more posts). How is sleep at your house these days?