Malachi is 9!

My son is 9!

He is an incredible kid.

He is full of action.

He likes almost any type of super hero.

He is the kid most likely to join the Military when he gets older.

With his imaginative mind and sweet smile he charms almost anyone.

This year was special, he was able to see his Grandma(my mom).

Without further ado here is a video for his birthday.

God Bless.

Jonah Brown

Wild Abandon

wild abandon page 1

wild abandon page 2

wild abandon page 3

All of our kids are drawn to water and mud. On this day, the children started playing in the mud and we almost stopped them. Then we made the choice just to let them get dirty and hose them off before they came in.

Malachi, Zion, and Hosanna had an absolute hoot of a time, and gave themselves fully to their play. It was an excellent sensory experience for them and a beautiful memory.

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