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Have You Heard Of The FLL Hurricanes?

First off – this is NOT an AD. I was in no way compensated, I just really feel like home learners need to encourage and support one another. Please read and do what you can to support them and spread the word.

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FLL Hurricanes

I am so excited to share with you about the FLL Hurricanes (blog link). This is a small group of local home learners who have seriously impressed me.

They have invented and designed a seat for a wheelchair that lifts a person to a standing position with the flick of a switch. Now, keep in mind these are kids. The boys are all around 13 years old. They did all the work themselves!

They made it into the local news: Kids Create Intelligent Design

They have been accepted to be filmed on an episode of Dragon’s Den (wiki info). If you don’t know what Dragon’s Den (website link) is, well, that is a REALLY big deal too. They have a chance to do a presentation and get partners to help them make this invention into a real product that will go to market.

Now here is the part where they need help. They need you to spread the word. 

I would love to see an explosion of support for these boys. Let’s give them the exposure they deserve for all their hard work.

(FLL = First Lego League)

Using Your Talents To Make A Difference

My husband and I were having a discussion this morning about sunflowers…

He mentioned that sunflowers always grow towards the sun. I pondered that thought for a while and then I had this idea pop into my head, “No matter where you are planted you need to grow towards the Son and He will cause you to bloom.” Our goal at Sunflower Schoolhouse is to help you grow towards the Son. No matter what your circumstances or situation, if you look to Him, He will cause you to bloom. We would like to use our gifts and talents to encourage you in your walks as mamas, papas, and homeschool families.

I came downstairs to have my coffee and read the mail and I discovered an inspiring article in the Spring 2010 Mission Gateway magazine and just had to share it with you. There was this story about a sweet, little old lady named Wilma Saunders (link opens to PDF article). She was a lady who used her talents to make a difference. She made dolls. She wanted the dolls to go to Africa and did what she could to find someone to take them. This amazing lady created about 70 dolls a month that ended up going all over the world. I was very saddened to read that she had died, but I was inspired to find out more information about her. I googled her (doesn’t everyone do that?). Here is what I found.

You can also visit the website INTERCEDE NOW and subscribe to MISSION GATEWAY if you like.

In making free downloads and information available to you on Sunflower Schoolhouse, I am using my talents and my gifts to make a difference. Over and over, I have been told that these are a blessing to you (thank you for your kind words) and I want to continue to be a blessing to you.  We want to continue to use our gifts and talents to bless you, so please let us know if you need anything (even if it is just a listening ear).

How are you using your talents to make a difference?

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