Menu Plan Monday

We had a crazy busy week with my niece’s birthday party and a few projects and meetings. I am keeping our menu very simple this week.


Pizza. Again. We are on a pizza kick around here. Recently we have had many different pizzas (same crust and different toppings) and we tried out pizza pretzels. I have fond memories of pizza pretzels and Robins Donuts (which sadly is no more) and LATE night conversations with great friends.

What are your favorite toppings to put on pizza?


Macaroni and Ham with Cheese. We are making macaroni and ham with a side of cheese for those who are not allergic to it. Now, in my head, I have this grand plan to cook up a large pot of elbow noodles, strain them, and put them aside. While the noodles are cooking, I will fry up diced onions and chopped ham in some margarine (in my stainless steel roasting pan). At this point I will set some of the sauce aside for my little miss Hosanna. After her sauce is set aside I will add some flour and make the base for a white sauce, which won’t be exactly white. Then I will add some milk and mounds of cheese for the rest of the house. This yummy sauce will get mixed with the noodles (except the ones for little miss Hosanna) and thrown in the oven covered with more cheese. Oh, I can taste this now.

How do you like your mac and cheese?


BBQ beef with rice. I will pull some leftover roast out of the freezer and thaw it out. If I forget to pull it out, I will thaw it in the microwave. Then I will cut it in little chunks and fry it in margarine and add BBQ sauce. My dad gave us this 4L jug of BBQ sauce. I have no idea what brand it is, but it is bold. I will use a little of the sauce and add some water so the kids can actually handle the flavor. While all that is cooking we will make some parboiled rice. Parboiled rice is my favorite because you pretty much can’t ruin it. I can’t cook regular rice, but I can make perfect parboiled rice. I will probably finely slice some carrots and include them in the rice water while it is cooking. The rice will be put on the plates with a dollop of margarine and then the sauce will be scooped on top.


Pizza rolls. These are just like real pizza, only we have never made them before. We will take our pizza dough recipe that we LOVE and make the dough early enough in the afternoon for it to rise (about an hour). Then we will roll out the dough into a large rectangle. We will spread oil, sauce, and toppings on it. We will roll it up like a jelly roll and cut it in slices. The slices will be put in my glass cake pan (or maybe my glass pie pans) which will need to be greased and laced with cornmeal. We will load the tops with cheese. They will probably cook at 450 C for about 12 minutes depending on how big they are.


Shepherd’s pie. We will fry up our hamburger with loads of onions (mommy loves them) and add spices and flour and then some water to make a gravy. While this is all cooking up, we will steam our carrots. (I absolutely love my steamer which we got from Freecycle. We need to purchase a new one soon, one with a second layer, as we use this one just about everyday and it is wearing out.) We also need to make some biscuit dough to top our pie with. I use a basic baking powder biscuit recipe (with no egg or dairy). We can either mix the hamburger and carrots together or layer them in the pan and then load the biscuit dough on top. It will cook at 350 C for probably an hour.

There you have it. My weekly menu plan. I am actually excited about all the meals this week. I am linking to Menu Plan Monday and the fabulous Meal Planning Resources.

What are you eating this week?