Little Bitty Learners

Speaking Without Words

We started signing with the twins when they were very young. I don’t remember exactly how old they were, but I do remember what prompted us to started teaching them sign language. One evening after dinner they started screaming and throwing food. They were done, but they didn’t have the words to tell us. So, needless to say, their first sign was all done. We followed shortly after with more, down, milk, thirsty, water, and a few others. Until recently, that was enough. They could communicate and we didn’t have any more flying food (okay, we had some, but not …

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Building Character and Love For Reading – Guest Post

Guest Post by Catherine Gillespie I have three children aged 4, nearly 3, and 16 months. Because of their littleness and close age range, things are pretty busy at our house and we needed a preschool core that would allow us to be together rather than requiring me to be apart with my oldest daughter while the other two kids ran amok.  After much reading and careful consideration, I decided that the essence of what we want to instill in our young children at the preschool level is good habits of character and a love of reading. As I began to …

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Little Bitty Learners – Tot Basket

I stumbled on this idea last week and wanted to save it for my post about my Little Bitty Learners. I have been trying to figure out a simple way to do more (planned) activities with the twins (almost 2). I am visual. If something is hidden away, I will forget about it. So, when I saw this idea, I thought it was amazing and just the solution that I needed. It would allow me to plan ahead, be organized, and have a visual reminder of activities that I wanted to do with the twins. I want to introduce you …

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Little Bitty Learners – Loads of Resources

Life is busy and I am trying to build in special times with my almost 2 year old twins… (aka Little Bitty Learners). We have five children (ages 10, 8, 6, 23 months, and 23 months). Life is busy, crazy, a little wild, and a volume control option would be nice now and then. It is my desire to purposely set aside time for the twins (for more than hugs, kisses, stories, and creative play – which we do already!). I want to weave fun and educational activities into their day. Today’s post is loaded with links of excellent places …

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